Winter Sensory Activity Pack

Winter Sensory Activity Pack

Christmas is on its way!

To celebrate the occasion, our Sensory Elves have been busy putting together a wonderfully wintery activity pack – designed to stimulate your senses, develop key skills and inspire lots of festive fun!

Our activity booklet is perfect for anyone with a sensory processing disorder, learning disability, autism, or a free afternoon to explore their senses.

Download our Winter Sensory Activity Pack

Winter Sensory Activity Pack Contents:

  • Winter Bingo: Grab your sensory bingo card and use it as a guide to explore your senses this winter. Who will be the first to get a line or a full house?
    • Skills: Sound, Taste, Visual, Tactile, Sensory Exercise, Creative.
  • Sensory Baking – Apple Pie Cookies: This warm recipe is great weekend activity. Explore your senses in the kitchen and bake a tray of tasty treats.
    • Skills: Tactile, Taste, Smell.
  • Elvin’ About: Count the colourful Christmas elves in this festive counting activity.
    • Skills: Visual, Counting.
  • Gingerbread Slime: This recipe is excellent for stimulating your sense of smell, developing your fine motor skills and having lots of slimy fidgety tactile fun!
    • Skills: Tactile, Smell, Fidgeting.
  • Winter Senses: Think about your five senses in the winter, and which sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and textures are your favourites (e.g. building a snowman and the feel of the cold snow on your hands).
    • Skills: Sensory Thought, Introspection, Preferences.
  • Christmas Tree Hand Arts: It’s time to get a little bit messy so that we can make a Christmassy piece of art! Explore your tactile senses and develop your fine motor skills as you create your own handprint tree.
    • Skills: Tactile, Fine Motor, Creative, Visual.
  • Christmas Glitter Jars: This easy to make DIY fidget is perfect for visual stimulation and can also be gifted as a handmade sensory Christmas present.
    • Skills: Visual, Distracting, Stimming.
  • Colour Me In: It’s design time! We’re challenging you to design your own Christmas jumper. Use your art and fine motor skills to create a jumper that you’d love to wear.
    • Skills: Fine Motor, Creative, Visual.
  • Mindful Colouring: Focusing on the colours and keeping between the lines is a simple therapeutic activity that can calm and relax your mind. Why don’t you give it a try yourself with our mindful Christmas colouring page?
    • Skills: Calming, Visual, Fine Motor.

Two children playing in the snow.

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