Sensory Solutions bring more to Leisure Centres across the UK

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Everyone needs Leisure time

Many hours of enjoyment are spent by individuals and families at their local leisure centre. Have you stopped and thought about how people with physical or mental disabilities get their enjoyment and leisure time?

They may not have the physical ability to go swimming by themselves or, they may get panicky and confused when put into a big, scary, loud, busy gym.

Creating a sensory environment could create the opportunity for them to enjoy themselves, get active, and boost their mental and physical wellbeing.

Local councils have recognised the need and importance to ensure funding is available for relaxing sensory spaces in leisure centres across the UK.

How does the Sensory Environment work?

Using Bubble Tubes, fibre optic lights, vibration and music, soft play, UV lighting and projection you can create an interactive sensory environment that the user can control. Sensory rooms can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and have been proven to improve physical skills, stimulate development and boost communication.

Having Sensory Equipment in your Leisure Centre can open up so many more doors!

Sensory Equipment can make your Leisure Centre stand out from your competitors, attracting a wider more inclusive audience. Occupational Therapists could rent the Sensory Room to carry out their work and, the room could be booked out at an hourly rate to the public.

Most importantly you are helping to create a safe, stimulating and relaxing environment for children and adults of all abilities.

Sensory solutions can also be implemented into other environments, not just a specific sensory room.

Ice rink with calming sensory projector

Rhino UK were approached by Halton Borough Council to provide sensory solutions to Silver Blades Ice Rink in Widnes, Cheshire. Silver Blades wanted to create a two floor soft play area and a sensory ice rink to encourage those with disabilities to enjoy the skating experience. The rink was made up of colourful, theme changing wall projections, an LED wall wash and an ‘Omi Vista’ system that creates dynamic images on the floor which respond to any movement over the surface, making the skating experience interactive and therefore stimulating.

A spokesman from Silver Blades said, ‘Creating these exciting sensory spaces has worked exceptionally well for us and the feedback we have received from our customers has been fantastic. We feel we are now offering so much more to our customers and we are attracting more and more new business every week and, most importantly making a difference on people’s life’s who can now enjoy leisure time, who may not have had the opportunity beforehand.’

Click here to learn more about what Rhino UK can offer and the sensory projects they have been involved in.

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