Sensory Projectors

Sensory Projectors come in all shapes and sizes.

Some shoot stars around the room, others get rid of bathroom gloom, whilst our special collection of interactive projectors transform areas into immersive interactive playgrounds, where senses can bloom.

There’s a reason why we’re dedicating a whole blog to projectors, and that’s because they’re one of the most versatile devices to support your senses. Sensory Projectors are fantastic for encouraging communication, developing key skills, and providing relaxing visual stimulation.

Carry on reading to learn more about projectors in sensory settings, their sensory benefits, fun sensory projector activities, and our top projector picks.


Sensory Benefits of Projectors:

  • Inspire Creativity: There’s something inspiring about watching larger than life images dance upon a wall, whether that’s in a planetarium, cinema or classroom. Projectors take fantastical ideas and project them into reality; because of this, they are great for inspiring imaginations and minds.
  • Distracting & Calming: Effect wheels can quickly transport you away from stressful environments into visually tranquil spaces, like the beach or countryside, helping you to relax. The effect wheels also provide constantly changing images that are great for users to focus on and track, distracting them from their worries.
  • Mood-Boosting: Bright, warm and colourful visual effects are widely known for their mood-boosting properties, especially for those on the autism spectrum. Projectors can paint walls with cheerful colours to inspire happiness in people’s days.
  • Skill Development: Projectors are great for developing core skills, such as tracking, cause and effect, and colour recognition, making them a perfect device for both formal and informal learning spaces. Sensory projectors are also great for building memory and conversation skills in Reminiscence sessions.

Interactive Sensory Projector being used in an Occupational Therapy Session

Sensory Activities for Projectors:

Interesting Art

Stick large pieces of white paper onto the walls of your room, making sure they’re sturdy enough not to rip and not too thin, letting your art seep through onto the walls beneath. Angle the projector, so it’s shining on top of the paper. Turn off or dim the lights in the room, and then get to work tracing, painting and colouring over the projectors patterns onto the paper. Let the pictures inspire your creativity; when you’ve finished, you’ll be left with a brilliant arty masterpiece.

Skills Developed: Fine Motor, Visual, Tactile.

Project a Story

As the effect wheel is spinning around, why don’t you develop a story based on the images you’re seeing? For example, take the Balloon Festival wheel and imagine your exciting Hot Air Balloon ride; all the different colours in your balloon, how small the houses and people looked from way up high, how the wind was gently blowing through your hair, and how you felt like you could almost touch the clouds.

Projector stories are easy to create and are perfect for developing creativity and imaginations. They can also be used in a wide range of environments, from Sensory Bedrooms for immersive bedtime stories to schools, helping pupils develop their creative writing skills.

Skills Developed: Storytelling, Imagination, Visual.

Interactive Games

Projectors don’t always have to shine upon walls. Simply changing the angle of your projector opens up a new world of sensory possibilities. We’d recommend directing your projector onto a floor or table for more exciting sensory fun: Can you jump on the fish swimming around on the floor (movement)? Try to only step on the clouds (balance). Follow the birds flying through the sky (tracking).

Our special Omi Interactive Projectors include special technology that tracks and reacts to your movements, and they come pre-loaded with over 300 interactive games for hours of immersive interactive sensory fun!

Skills Developed: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Tracking, Visual.

Immersive Umbrella

Umbrellas keep us dry in the rain, but did you know that they also make perfect projection surfaces? Our White Umbrella is great for creating personal immersive sensory experiences; sit underneath the umbrella and shine the projector on top of it; both distracting and stimulating, you’ll quickly find yourself relaxing underneath the immersive sensory glow.

White sheets, white tents and clear play tunnels are also great alternatives to create similar immersive experiences.

Skills Developed: Tactile, Visual.

Space Blankets

It may be simple, but shining a projector onto a space blanket can create wonderfully distracting visual stimulation. This activity is perfect for those who are disabled or have restricted movement as the blankets can be wrapped around users or placed over their laps, where they can enjoy an immersive sensory experience in a space that suits them best. The up-close and personal stimulation is a perfect distraction and doesn’t require much concentration.

Skills Developed: Tactile, Visual, Proprioceptive.

Children playing with an interactive projector on the floor

Sensory Projectors recommended by our Sensory Experts:

Best All-Rounder: Solar 250 LED Projector – Project your brightest dreams across rooms and onto walls with the Solar 250 LED Projector. Not only is it our brightest projector, but it’s also energy-saving and easy to set up.

Affordable & Powerful: Aura LED ProjectorAn affordable projector that’s perfect for stimulating dreams, imaginations and visual senses in a wide variety of sensory settings.

For Dreamers: Laser Stars ProjectorTransform ceilings and walls into bright galaxies filled with stimulatingly relaxing glowing stars.

Interactive Classrooms: Hydro-Solar Projector – Make a splash with a sensory experience that’s perfect for underwater environments. Our Hydro-Solar Projector has been specifically designed for use in wet and humid spaces, perfect for making Bathrooms and Hydropool environments even more special.

For Watery Environments: Omi Vista Mobii – Create inclusive, immersive & interactive worlds with our unique omiVista Projector technology. It’s great for group activities and creating interactive and educational games.

Under the Sea immersive room created by projection effects