UV Fibre Optic Curtain

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A stunning shimmering 1m wide curtain of fluorescent fibre optics that glow under UV light, creating a vivid visual effect.


4-6 weeks

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A calming, shimmering 1m wide curtain of fibre optics that glows beautifully in UV light. Hang it above beds or beanbags and let users lie back and relax under the twinkling lights. Or use it as a magical entrance to your sensory space, where users need to push the tails aside to enter the room.

The fibre optics automatically rotate through a rainbow of stimulating colours, acting as calming, passive stimulation, perfect for Sensory Rooms, Calming Spaces and Dark Sensory Rooms.

Includes an integrated light source.

UV Fibre Optic Curtain Inspiration

  • Hang over your bed and let the fibre optics surround you, creating a secret sensory den.
  • Create a stimulating quiet place to escape to in the corner of sensory rooms.
  • Place a beanbag underneath and create a cosy spot to explore your visual and tactile senses.
  • Design a glowing entranceway for your sensory room by hanging the curtain over the room’s door.

Benefits of Fibre Optics

  • Safe to touch
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Robust strands
  • Encourages an increased attention span
  • UV glowing visual stimulation

Size: 200 x 100cm

Product Code: T2118

Sizes: W100 x H200cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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