String Swing

SKU: T2161


Jump in, climb through or lie down in the tactile webbing of our String Swing. When pressure is applied, the swing will pull tight, creating deep proprioceptive stimulation.


7-10 days

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This vestibular netted sensory swing is definitely a favourite! The soft webbing swing cradles the user with a deep pressure squeeze. Like a fisherman’s net, it casts itself around the user, cradling them in a secure space with a lot of airflow.

The String Swing is a great therapy tool that encourages relaxation and stretches to fit any child or adult. The movement of the swing stimulates the vestibular system, linear movement and also provides ample proprioception (pressure to the joints).

Weight limit: 180 lbs. Size: 198 x 99 cm.

Product Code: T2161

Sizes: 198 x 99cm, 65kg max

Pack Quantity: 1


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