Activity Ball

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A therapy ball with added fun! As the balls inside move around they create a deep sound adding greater rewards for movement.


3-5 days

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A transparent therapy ball with a colourful sensory twist. Sit, balance and roll along with the Activity Ball in therapy and play sessions and become more attuned with your body. Watch and listen to the rainbow of smaller balls bouncing around inside for a completely entertaining, enriching and stimulating sensory experience.


  • A Ball of Sensory Goodness: Not only is the ball a lot of fun to play with, but it also comes with a package of sensory benefits. From bodily awareness to core stability, you’ll have a ball of developmental, sensory fun!
  • A Visual Delight: The multi-coloured balls that live inside the Activity Ball provide exciting visual stimulation that can calm or stimulate users depending on their needs.
    • Lay your belly across the ball and dip your head down to watch the balls bounce around from an interesting angle.
    • Or lay on your back and use your hands and feet to move the ball around, discover the ball’s movement from a unique perspective.
  • A Sound Spectacular: Bouncing around the inside of the ball, the smaller balls produce a deep vibrating sound that’s a sonic treat. It’s a fun challenge to keep the ball in motion to make the most sonic stimulation!


What’s included?

  • Activity Ball


Great for:

  • Distraction
  • Developing Bodily Awareness
  • Vestibular Stimulation
  • Proprioceptive Stimulation
  • Occupational Therapy


Perfect for:

  • Sensory Integration Rooms
  • Sensory Exercise
  • Sensory at Home
  • Schools

Product Code: G1306

Sizes: 50cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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