Sensory Roller Slide – Large

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Slide in sensory style with our Sensory Roller Slide. Build your bilateral coordination and motor planning skills, all whilst having fabulous rolling fun.


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Slide in sensory style with our Sensory Roller Slide, as you build your bilateral coordination and motor planning skills all whilst having fabulous fun. The set comes complete with a Roller Ramp and Trestle, allowing you to alter the height of the ramp for a varied sensory challenge.


  • Slide In Style: The only rule to sliding down this slide is to do it safely. The rest is up to you! Slide down on your belly and feel the rolls bump across your chest, or flip over and focus on how the rolls feel down your back, from your head to your toes. Focus on your senses and, most importantly, have fun.
  • A Sensory Package: Not only is our slide a lot of fun, but it also comes with a package of sensory benefits, from body awareness, motor planning skills, strengthening practice, bilateral coordination and core stability. It really is a fab sensory device.
  • Slide Inside: Bring a typical outdoor activity, indoors. Enjoy the sensory benefits of a slide from the comfort and safety of an indoor sensory environment. Allowing you to focus on your immediate physical senses, rather than being distracted by the outdoor sensory overload.

What’s included?

  • Roller Ramp
  • Trestle

Great for:

  • Children
  • Autism
  • Tactile Stimulation
  • Proprioceptive Stimulation

Perfect for:

  • Multisensory Environments
  • Sensory Integration Rooms
  • Soft Play Rooms

Product Code: P1355

Sizes: L350 x H110 x W80cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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