Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ Floral

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Experience a blooming kaleidoscope of colour with a flourishing floral garden effect wheel.


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Experience a blooming kaleidoscope of colour with our flourishing floral garden effect wheel. Our beautifully illustrated floral effect wheel is decorated in pretty pinks, luscious yellows and verdant greens, which will instantly transform any space into a calm and relaxing flower garden.



  • In Bloom: Take a walk through your own blooming garden. Imagine the soft breeze running through your hair, the delicate smell of rose in the air, and the sound of a buzzing bee; nowhere is quite as peaceful than your own private garden.
  • Stimulating Visuals: The best part of our effect wheels is the calming visual stimulation they bring. Whether you use them in your bedroom to help you get to sleep, as a distraction in an anxious treatment room or as a portal to picturesque spaces in a calming area, you’ll be treated to a wonderfully relaxing visual stimulation.
  • Choose your View: The ‘Floral’ effect wheel is one of over 200 different effect wheels in our collection. From blooming spring flowers to stimulating liquid patterns, you will be able to find a new view perfect for you. Build your effect wheel library and discover your senses.


What’s included?

  • 6” Magnetic Floral Wheel


What else is needed?


Sensory Skills:

  • Visual Stimulation
  • Distraction
  • Theming Rooms


Sensory Environments:

  • Multisensory Rooms
  • Calming Rooms
  • Sensory Bedrooms
  • Treatment Rooms


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Product Code: O2028M

Sizes: 6"

Pack Quantity: 1


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