LED Sky Ceiling

SKU: L1800


Create a beautiful daylight experience with this LED Sky Ceiling. This really is a mood changer and can encourage relaxation within healthcare or treatment procedures.


4-6 weeks

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Turn ceiling into sky, panels into panoramas, and drab, dreary rooms into paces drenched in dazzling daylight with our LED Sky Ceiling. The transformative LED ceiling tiles can be installed anywhere, whether that’s in sensory rooms, classrooms, hospital wards or recreational spaces, creating realistic cloud ceilings, windows to the great outdoors, or the illusion of a sunny summer’s day in otherwise unremarkable rooms.

Whether someone is having treatment, a meeting or simply visiting, this is a surefire way to lift spirits and inspire awe. What’s best is that you can select your view or upload your own images to
create a personalised sensory space.

A panel lifter ensures that the picture is a few centimetres higher than the existing ceiling, making it look like a realistic roof window.

LED Sky Ceiling Inspiration:

  • Distract and calm anxious minds in healthcare settings.
  • Inspire imaginations in schools.
  • Offer a therapeutic view of the outdoors in enclosed indoor spaces.
  • Develop visual tracking skills as you follow clouds and hot air balloons flying through the sky.

Made For

  • Hospitals
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Sensory Rooms
  • Therapy Lounges
  • Nurseries
  • Airports

Set of four tiles. Individual tile size: 60 x 60 cm.

Product Code: L1800

Sizes: 60 x 60cm

Pack Quantity: 4


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