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Waiting Rooms

Distracting, comforting and calming; our Waiting Room collection is fantastic for dispelling stress, and bringing a warm sensory glow to waiting areas. Both tactile and easy to clean, they’re great for adding an interactive sensory touch to infection control environments like Hospitals and Dentists.

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Being in a hospital, doctors surgery, or a dentists waiting room can be a very stressful experience for children and even adults! Having a comforting sensory environment incorporated into a waiting room can create a relaxing and calming environment, whilst also offering distraction techniques for patients to manage difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Rhino UK also offers a wide variety of toys and activities suitable for waiting room environments. Browse through our online collection, and feel free to get in touch if we can be of any further assistance.

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Activity Wall Set Community Areas Size Size of each panel: 36 x 55 x 3.5cm

Activity Wall Set

Set of three wall activity panels to engage
children in cross-curricular learning.

Bear Activity Wall Panel Community Areas Size 91 x 32cm

Bear Activity Wall Panel

A visually stunning wall panel that provides a range of interesting
manipulative activities.

Brick Me Adult Sensory Resources Size 25.5 x 12.5 x 6cm (largest block).

Brick Me

Brick Me is a large scale, plastic, lightweight, and interlocking building block set.

Bubble Playtouch LED Community Areas Size D60cm x Screen Dia 14cm

Bubble Playtouch LED

The Bubble Playtouch LED Panel is an attractive feature in any play
area or sensory environment.

Butterfly Rainwheel Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 48 x 48 cm

Butterfly Rainwheel

Spin the brightly coloured butterfly, watch the balls tumble through its wings and listen to the soft rainy sound effects they make.

Caterpillar Wall Toy Set Community Areas Size 174 x 54cm

Caterpillar Wall Toy Set

A set of interlocking individual caterpillar elements which provide an attractive activity mural offering numerous hours of play.

Chair & Play Corner Community Areas Size 80 x 110cm

Chair & Play Corner

Perfect to be in a waiting area, school or even at home to keep children entertained for hours.

Crocodile Wall Game Community Areas Size Length 174.5cm

Crocodile Wall Game

A brilliant engaging and educational interactive wall display great for waiting rooms and play areas.

Fata Morgana Community Areas Size 37.5 x 31 x 47cm

Fata Morgana

A bead frame with 5 wire tracks and multiple shaped beads for tracking skills.

Fibre Optic Effects Suspended Ceiling Tile

Fibre Optic Effects Suspended Ceiling Tile

Suspended ceiling tile containting hundreds of fine fibre optics that glow and change colour for a starry visual effect in your ceiling. Compatible with 60 x 60cm suspended ceiling grids. Simply replace existing tile and connect with a light source and power supply.

Flash Bead Frame Clearance Size 31.5 x 16 x 34cm

Flash Bead Frame

A bead frame with 3 wire tracks and shaped beads for tracking skills.

Flat Panel Bead Frame

Flat Panel Bead Frame

Build gross motor skills, stim, fidget and focus; the Flat Panel Bead Frame is a great addition for any waiting room or sensory room wall.

Illusion Wheels – Air Community Areas Size Dia 39.6cm

Illusion Wheels – Air

Air illusion wheel - spin and see the bird appear.

Illusion Wheels – Water

Illusion Wheels – Water

Water illusion wheel - spin and see the fish appear.

Infinity Tunnel Ceiling Tile Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 60 x 60cm

Infinity Tunnel Ceiling Tile

Find yourself falling into a tunnel of infinite light, distract your mind with the presence of an imaginary void filled with unknown wonder.

Labyrinth Activity Wall Panel Community Areas Size 40 x 40 x 1.8cm

Labyrinth Activity Wall Panel

A wall mounted labyrinth activity panel.

Large Jellyfish Tank Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 44 x 23cm

Large Jellyfish Tank

This Jellyfish Water Tank contains seven incredibly detailed and realistic jellyfish figures.

LED Sky Ceiling Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 60 x 60cm

LED Sky Ceiling

Create a beautiful daylight experience with this LED Sky Ceiling. This really is a mood changer and can encourage relaxation within healthcare or treatment procedures.