Colour Wall Wash Set with Controller Cube

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Bathe your sensory space in calming mood lighting with our easy to install Colour Wall Wash & Colour Controller Cube set.

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Bathe your sensory space in calming mood lighting with our easy-to-install Colour Wall Wash Set. The bright LED stips sit at the top of walls, washing the area underneath in stimulating colour.

The wall wash lighting is flexible and interactive. Perfect for edging, highlighting and bordering walls, stairs, ceilings, doorways or virtually wherever you want in your indoor area.

You can use the colour controller cube to choose and change the colour of the wall wash and the room’s atmosphere. Perfect for therapeutic, calming and educational sensory areas.

Includes 5m of self-adhesive WiFi LED Light Strip and power supply. Although we’d recommend buying multiple to colourfully line the full length of a wall. Get in touch with our sensory team for more product and design tips!

Size: 5m

Product Code: R0032-B

Sizes: 5m

Pack Quantity: 1


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