Butterfly Rainwheel

SKU: H5000


Spin the brightly coloured butterfly, watch the balls tumble through its wings and listen to the soft rainy sound effects they make.


3-5 Days

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Spin the Butterfly and watch the small yellow balls, captured behind easy to clean plexiglass, bounce around its bright raspberry red wings. Moving back and forth, the balls roll through two narrow openings and producing a calming rainy noise effect. Build your motor skills, discover cause and effect and calm your senses with its soft visual and audio effects.

Our Butterfly Rainwheel suits a wide range of environments, from hospital waiting rooms to school corridors.


  • Colourful Fascination: Bright raspberry red provides a complementary contrast to the pastel yellow beads inside the butterfly – providing spectacular summery visual stimulation.
  • Relaxing Rain: As the beads fall about the wings, they create a soft rainy day pitter-patter sound effect, perfect for bringing the outdoors indoors.
  • Fly Anywhere: The Butterfly Rainwheel works the best when it’s wall-mounted, but it can also be placed on tables or other flat surfaces for more inclusive group play.

What’s included?

  • Butterfly Rainwheel
  • All necessary attachments for safe and secure wall mounting and spinning

Great for:

  • Children and Adults
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Distraction
  • Audio Stimulation
  • Cause & Effect
  • Autism

Perfect for:

  • Hospitals
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Multisensory Environments
  • Schools

Product Code: H5000

Sizes: 48 x 48 cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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