What Can You Do With Sensory Projectors?

What can you do with Sensory Projectors?

Projectors are a simple and effective way of transforming sensory rooms. They paint giant works of art on walls, create starry night skies on bedroom ceilings, and make portals to colourful, imaginative worlds in play spaces.

You might already have one in your room or house, which is fab! But did you know that there are ways for you to upgrade your projector experience?

We have a collection of stimulating, exciting and magnificent add-on projector effects so that you can transform your experience and enjoy even more magic from your sensory projectors.

Take a read below and find out how you can enjoy a brand new experience from an old sensory projector.

Sensory Projector with Liquid Effect Wheel


Clip-on Prisms

Clip-on prisms easily attach to the front lens of your sensory projector; they are available in two or four facet lenses that warp and distort the projected images, heightening their visual effect.

Take a look at the Galaxy Stars Effect Wheel through the Four Facet Prism lens. Watch as the stars whoosh and dance across the screen, creating a dynamic 3D effect. It presents the optical illusion of a deeper image that will fascinate minds.

For a less intense effect, try using the Two Facet Prism. It creates less of a blur and is easier for users to track and follow, developing their visual skills.

Best effect wheels for the Clip-on Prism: Snowflake, Falling Leaves, Bubbles, Galaxy Stars, Floating Blossom, and Papillon.


Kaleidoscope Lens

The Kaleidoscope Lens reflects and multiplies the projected image, creating a dreamy, ever-changing visual effect.

It works best with our liquid effect wheels, as their dynamic patterns flow beautifully through the lens, creating a vivid visual effect that’s not too overstimulating.

Liquid Effect Wheels: Mystical Nights, Tutti Frutti, Jungle Jive, Pink Lady.


Magnetic Mild Distortion Kit

The Magnetic Mild Distortion Wheel is a special type of effect wheel that creates stimulating visual effects.

The wheel itself is clear, but it has a bumpy textured surface that warps the light that passes through it, creating an underwater-like effect.

Because of this, the distortion wheel creates particularly immersive experiences when you use it alongside our sea-themed wheels, including the Whales, Deep and Tropical Fish wheels.


Panoramic Rotator

The Panoramic Rotator is a motorised two-facet prism that splits and scans the projected light creating an endless and stimulating visual effect.

The optical illusion is best experienced with our Flying Ghosts Effect Wheel, as the rotator makes it seem like the ghosts are flying across your wall!

Although they also work great with our simple graphic wheels (leaves, butterflies, bubbles) or our liquid effect wheels.


Solar Multi Facet Mirror

Our Solar Multi Facet Mirror splits, multiplies and expands projected images creating a stimulating shower effect.

The mirror is best used with simple and abstract effect wheels, as they create the best visual effect – whether that’s a flurry of snowflakes, a beautiful bunch of butterflies, or a psychedelic liquid dance party.


Wide Angle Lens

Our Wide Angle Lens is great for making a big projection experience in smaller sensory rooms.

Typically, sensory projectors sit in the far corners of rooms, giving them ample space to project a large image on your walls. If you don’t have a large space, your projector might have to sit closer to the wall, creating a less impressive visual effect – which is where our Wide Angle Lens comes in.

At 60mm, compared to the standard 85mm, the Wide Angle Lens gives a wider projection area at a shorter distance so that you can make the most of your projector experience.


Solar Deflector Mirror

The Solar Deflector Mirror can be used alongside Solar Projectors to deflect images onto different surfaces, creating interesting visual distractions. We’d typically recommend them for when your projector is installed on a wall, so you can deflect and project images onto ceilings and floors!

It’s great for sensory spaces with limited space, as it gives you the flexibility to project anywhere.


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