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At Rhino UK, our expert sensory team are always on hand to help!

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Our online store is filled with everything you’ll need to stimulate, develop, and explore each of your five senses. Fashion your fine motor skills, find fantastic fidgets and special stimming toys, traverse thrilling tactile tracks or distract and calm with a vivid visual display.

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Here at Rhino UK, we’re proud to make sense of sensory.

Whether that’s designing a bespoke sensory room, safely padding a social space, or advising on the best sensory resources for a person with Autism.

Our expert sensory team are here to help!

We provide a complete sensory service, planning, designing and installing inclusive multi-sensory rooms, as well as full product training, quality service, and bespoke maintenance packages.

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Top Sensory Products

Vibrating Snake

Offers stimulating tactile and proprioceptive stimulation, helping users calm down, relax, and feel more comfortable in their bodies.

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Bondina Bells

Create colourful melodies with our rainbow of tactile Bondina Bells - use your fingers to swing and ring the bells!

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Opti Aura Projector

An affordable projector that's perfect for stimulating dreams, imaginations and visual senses in a wide variety of sensory settings.

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Cuddle Ball

Made from soft, durable fabric, the Cuddle Ball is especially cosy to snuggle up with, helping you feel safe, warm and calm.

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