Vibrating Snake

SKU: T2153


Vibrating Snake offers stimulating tactile and proprioceptive stimulation, helping users calm down, relax, and feel more comfortable in their bodies.


7-10 days

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Our best-selling Vibrating Snake sensory toy is one of our favourite products for helping kids and adults relax.

The snake’s therapeutic vibrations relax muscles and stimulate proprioceptive senses (which is particularly useful for those who are sensory seeking). Vibrating Snake is colourful, flexible, battery-operated and portable, so you can take it wherever you go! Whilst two speed choices mean that you can create a sensory experience that perfectly suits your needs.

Wrap the vibrating Snake around your neck, back, arms, legs or torso for vibrations just where you need them. Use the hook and loop ends and the additional clip to help hold the snake in shape.

Colours may vary.

Size: 120cm

Product Code: T2153

Sizes: 120cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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