The Rhino Sensory Trailer: Bringing Sensory To You

Rhino Sensory Trailer

Introducing the Rhino Sensory Trailer

The Rhino Sensory Trailer is a portable sensory room on wheels. We’ve designed and built the trailer so that you can see and experience the magic of a Sensory Room before you decide to buy one for yourself.

Perfect for calming and wellbeing activities, the Sensory Trailer has been designed with Special Educational Needs, Disabilities and Autism in mind. It’s wheelchair accessible, infection control friendly, and a great soft, safe space for younger children and older adults to relax, enjoy and discover their senses.


Inside the Rhino Sensory Trailer

What’s inside the Rhino Sensory Trailer?

The portable sensory room is jam-packed with interactive resources, perfect for a morning or afternoon of play!

Whether you’re looking for a calming session, sat back relaxing on the cosy bench seating, surrounded by twinkling fibre optics and the brilliantly bubbling colours of the trio of bubble and hurricane tubes. Or a creative learning session, dancing, jumping and moving across the dynamic images and games generated by the interactive projector system. We’re sure that you’ll be able to create an experience perfect for you!

List of Sensory Trailer Resources

  • Bubble Tube and Hurricane Tubes
  • Hurricane Wall Panel
  • Sound & Light Panel
  • Fibre Optics
  • Interactive Floor Projector
  • LED Light Cube
  • Cosy Beanbags
  • Handheld and Glow in The Dark Resources
  • Bluetooth Speakers


Wonder faced child in the Rhino Sensory Trailer

How many people can fit inside the trailer?

The trailer can comfortably fit up to five children as they connect, communicate and socialise together.


Learning with the Bubble Tubes in the Rhino Sensory Trailer

What can the Sensory Trailer be used for?

The trailer and its controlled environment are ideal for calming, thinking about emotions, and therapeutically supporting wellbeing.

Although it can also be used as an alternative space for one-to-one or group learning sessions. Pupils can use the learning suite on the Interactive Floor Projector to creatively develop maths, English and cause and effect skills. Or they can use the Bubble Tubes to learn more about colours and preferences.

Learning in a controlled sensory environment is beneficial for children on the autism spectrum, as it gives them the space and the opportunity to learn freely in a way that works for them.


Playing together in the Rhino Sensory Trailer

How can I hire the Sensory Trailer?

All you have to do is fill out this form. Once you’ve filled it out, a member of our friendly sensory team will be in touch to organise the trip.

If you’d prefer, you can talk to a member of our team directly at 01270 766660 to book the trailer and ask any questions you may have.


Inside he Rhino Sensory Trailer

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