Rhino Sensory UK’S E7 Catalogue is Now Available!

We have updated our Multi-Sensory Catalogue, and you will be pleased to know it is now available.

The catalogue is full of exciting, super-sensory solutions for all ages and abilities with the very latest technology and innovation.

The E7 Catalogue features:

  • 950+ Sensory Resources
  • Sensory Room Guide
  • Sensory Gallery
  • Sensory Icons
  • Product recommendations for certain abilities
  • Sensory equipment suitable for all ages and abilities

Rhino Sensory UK continues to supply Multi-Sensory Solutions and Therapeutic Resources- providing complete solutions for all ages, abilities and budgets.

Rhino Sensory UK is committed 100% to upholding honesty, loyalty and integrity at all times to give our customers the service they deserve.

Order your catalogue today.