Sliding Foam Rollers

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This set of six cylinders roll as you walk or roll over them for a challenging balancing activity.


4-6 weeks

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Our colourful Sliding Foam Rollers are designed to strengthen kids motor skills in a fun, interactive and energetic way. The set of six interconnected cylinders roll as you walk, slide or crawl over them creating a challenging balancing activity.

Stimulating the body’s vestibular and proprioceptive systems the rollers aim to build and support users’ sense of balance and help them to feel more confident in their bodies and the way they move.

Size: 132 x 60 x 22cm

Product Features

  • Sensory Exercise: The dynamic nature of the rollers keeps the body moving and is a great way for kids to get active!
  • Body Confidence: Spending time balancing, rolling, and lying on top of the rollers is a great way to develop confidence in your body and the way it moves, as the soft foam stimulates the bodies vestibular and proprioceptive systems.
  • Infection Control Friendly: The rollers are made from a robust foam that’s soft to touch and covered in bite-proof PVC that’s easy to wipe clean.


Great for

  • Children
  • Motor Skills
  • Vestibular & Balance
  • Proprioception
  • Sensory Exercise


Perfect for


Product Code: S3501

Sizes: 132 x 60 x 22cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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