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Activity Trails

Challenge yourself and encourage full body movement as you navigate an exciting Soft Play Activity Trail of your own creation. Jump, slide, climb and balance your way across a colourful array of obstacles; safely release your energy and have fun!

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A range of colourful Soft Play activity pieces for using within Soft Play Areas or Sensory Rooms to encourage movement and exploration. Activity Trails allow children to explore movement in a safe environment, as they enjoy sliding, climbing, balancing and jumping to their hearts content.

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Soft Play Balance Set 1

Designed to strengthen the development of motor, tactile and vestibular balance skills in a safe, fun and adventurous manner.

Soft Play Balancing Bar

Balancing Bar

A bright and soft balance bar that’s great for encouraging focus, coordination and balance skills.

Catterpillar Mirror Bumps Activity Trails Size W40 x L160 (open) x H20-30cm

Caterpillar Mirror Bumps

Take a ride on a caterpillar friend, or look into his mirror sides, fold his 6 soft bumps to make a butterfly.

Cylinders Mountain Activity Trails Size 135 x 60 x 45cm

Cylinders Mountain

A climbing rolling Soft Play fun piece. This set comes with six multi-sized

Frog Rocker

Frog Rocker

Our bright and friendly frog is great for ribbity-rocking and strengthening balance.

Soft Play Horse Rocker

Horse Rocker

Designed for stimming, rocking and gentle exercise, our colourful Horse Rocker is a fun developmental resource.

Musical Squares Activity Trails Size Floor Pad: 140 x 90 x 8cm Wall Panel: 112 x 57 x 8cm

Musical Squares

These musical squares is a interactive wall and floor panel which rewards the users with lights and sounds.

Platform Activity Trails Size 75 x 75 x 75cm


Soft, safe platform to climb and balance. Combine with steps and slide for extended soft play.

Platform with Tunnel in Soft Play Room

Platform with Tunnel

Soft, safe platform to climb and explore below or above. Combine with steps and slide for extended soft play.

Soft Play Rocking Steps

Rocking Steps

The rocker’s unique design keeps users in motion, challenging vestibular, motor and balance systems.

Sliding Foam Rollers Activity Trails Size 132 x 60 x 22cm

Sliding Foam Rollers

This set of six cylinders roll as you walk or roll over them for a challenging balancing activity.

Soft Play Balance Set 2

Soft Play Balance Set 2

Balance Set Two includes a set of soft play stairs, arched beam and supports, and a wedge slide. Great for actively developing motor and balance skills.

Soft Play Balance Set 3

Soft Play Balance Set 3

Balance Set Three is the ultimate soft play obstacle course. Includes a set of wobbly and chunky block stairs, an arched beam, a straight beam, a half-moon obstacle, and soft play supports.

Soft Play Climbing Set 1

Soft Play Climbing Set 1

Comprised of bright and colourful chunky soft play stairs, a robust cube, and a wedged slide – perfect for safe climbing, jumping, sliding and fun!

Soft Play Slide Activity Trails Size H75 x W75 x L100cm

Soft Play Slide

This soft play slide can be used with both the soft play cube tunnel and soft play steps to make a great activity trail.

Soft Play Stepping Stones Activity Trails Size 120 x 90cm

Soft Play Stepping Stones

12 blocks of varying heights and coloured blocks offering hours of fun and stimulation.

Soft Play Steps – Square Activity Trails Size 75 x 75 x 100cm

Soft Play Steps – Square

Set of soft play steps for sensory circuits and safe soft rooms for activity and exploration.

Softplay Trampoline Activity Trails Size 120 x 120 x 35cm

Soft Play Trampoline

Our Soft Play Trampoline is a practically perfect bouncy element for any soft play room.