Large Jellyfish Tank

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This Jellyfish Water Tank contains seven incredibly detailed and realistic jellyfish figures.


3-5 days

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Our Jellyfish Water Tank contains seven realistic jellyfish figures that dance, bob and swim around, creating a beautifully distracting visual effect. The Tank is powered by nearly-silent motors, which help to prevent distraction and overstimulation during sensory sessions.

The tank has a colourful 3D coral reef background that can be removed so users can focus on the movements of the jellyfish. Coloured LED lights illuminate the tank and will automatically flow through a rainbow of colours, although you can also manually choose colours too.

Large Jellyfish Tank Benefits:

  • Focus and follow the jellyfish as they float around the tank, develop visual tracking skills and distract your mind.
  • The tank can be used as a beautiful night light or an aesthetic sensory room accessory.
  • Low maintenance sensory alternative to a home aquarium.

Size: 44 x 23 x 7cm

Product Code: P1310

Sizes: 44 x 23 x 7cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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