Height Adjuster Kit

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Our Height Adjuster Kit includes a Height Adjuster, Rotational Device, 2m Spliced Rope, two Screw-Gate Carabiners and two Straight Caribiners.


7-10 days

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Our Height Adjuster Kit is the perfect accessory for enchanting Sensory Integration sessions. It can extend the height of swings so that they can hang higher or lower to the ground, creating varied therapeutic experiences and increasing accessibility for those who may not be as mobile.

The swing accessory set includes:

  • Height Adjuster
  • Rotational Device
  • 2m Spliced Rope
  • Two Screw-Gate Carabiners
  • Two Straight Carabiners

A screw gate carabiner can reduce the risk of someone undoing it or it coming undone unnecessarily. The rotational device and the top of the spliced rope are likely to be out of reach when being used, while the height adjuster, on the other hand, is likely to be within reach.

Product Code: R0066

Pack Quantity: 1


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