A Huge Welcome to the Rhino Blog!

Welcome to our new Rhino UK Website and our first blog post.

We are always busy designing and installing sensory rooms, increasing our sensory range and getting involved with local projects and events. Our blog will keep you up to date with our activities, achievements and news on all things sensory.

Rhino UK are providers of sensory solutions so we want your comments and feedback on what products you would like, what you like and dislike in sensory equipment and how you think we can fulfil your requirements better.

We will update the blog post regularly, we know everyone that starts a blog says that, but we do intend to carry this out!   So if there is anything in particular you want to hear about, whether it be product information, product development ideas, design ideas, service ideas, sensory activity ideas, information on how to use sensory with particular ages and abilities, please send an email with your suggestions to enquiries@rhino-uk.org.uk.

We look forward to your contributions to make this an exciting sensory blog for readers and writers!