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Weighted & Pressure

Explore deep calming comfort and the warm worry-busting weight of our Weighted & Pressure collection. From dreamy Weighted Blankets to calming Deep Pressure Vests, find all you’ll need to stimulate your proprioceptive system, reduce anxiety, and improve bodily awareness.

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If you’ve ever felt less anxious after a long hug or found that you’re most comfortable wrapped up in a duvet in bed, it’s likely that your body is seeking proprioceptive feedback. Deep Pressure & Weighted resources are designed to stimulate proprioceptive systems, calm nerves and help users feel calm, warm and comforted.

Weighted & Deep Pressure resources can also help restless users focus and concentrate as they physically feel situated in the moment; because of this, we’d recommend the items in this collection for use in schools, care homes, or for personal use at home.

This collection is particularly useful for users with autism, sensory processing disorders and dementia.

What you’ll find in our Weighted & Pressure collection:

  • Weighted Blankets
  • Deep Pressure Vests
  • Therapy Beanbags
  • Protac Sensit Chairs
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Body Roller

Body Roller

Our body roller provides deep pressure therapy as the child crawls between the rollers.

Body Sox

Body Sox

Body Sox promotes body awareness, creative movement and provides the opportunity for a significant amount of stretchy sensory fun!



Made from two adjustable, polystyrene-filled sides, the Cocoon offers stimulating proprioceptive pressure that’s designed to calm children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders.


Deep Pressure Vest – Large

Our Deep Pressure Vest creates stimulating deep pressure around your body - just like a big warm hug! It's ideal for adults and older kids with sensory processing issues and autism.

Deep Pressure Vest – Medium Massage & Vibration Size Bodywrap 85cm x 20cm, Shoulder Straps 50cm (ages 7 -14 approx)

Deep Pressure Vest – Medium

Our Deep Pressure Vest creates stimulating deep pressure around your body - just like a big warm hug! It's ideal for those with sensory processing issues and autism aged 7-14.

Pea Pod

Pea Pod

Our deep-pressure Pea Pod has been specially designed by therapists to relax and calm children with Autism and Special Needs.

Sensit Chair

Protac Sensit Chair

This Protac Sensit Chair has been specially designed and developed by sensory integration experts. Pressure at trigger points from the seats weighted balls stimulates tactile, muscle and joint senses.

Protac Sensit Footstool

Protac Sensit Footstool

The footstool is used with the chair as a leg or foot support, or as a stand-alone chair for a child for example. The balls at the top of the footstool provide sensory stimulation, making it comfortable and fun to sit on.

Protac Sensit Straight Chair Massage & Vibration Size Over 180cm, Seat Height 17

Protac Sensit Straight Chair

The numerous sensory perceptions send impulses to the central nervous system, which has a soothing effect which then leads to greater bodily awareness and improved well-being.

Sand Balls Gross Motor & Balance

Sand Balls

These oddly sized and weighted
Sand Balls invite users to estimate
weights by touching, balancing, and
throwing them.

Sensory Therapeutic Tunnel

Sensory Therapeutic Tunnel

Our Sensory Tunnel is the perfect device for children requiring proprioceptive stimulation.

Squeeze Canoe

Squeeze Canoe

Climb into the Squeeze Canoe, lie back, and relax in the calming proprioceptive pressure it creates.

Squeeze Machine

Squeeze Machine

Roll through the Squeeze Machine to experience therapeutic proprioceptive, vestibular and deep pressure stimulation.

Squeeze Seat

Squeeze Seat

Sitting down in the Squeeze Seat causes it to contract gently, creating a calming proprioceptive pressure similar to a hug.

Weighted Blanket – 3kg Massage & Vibration Size 150 x 120cm

Weighted Blanket – 3kg

An original weighted blanket, suitable for children, which can be wrapped around the body for a calming hug effect.


Weighted Blanket – 4.5kg

An original weighted blanket, suitable for older users, which can be wrapped around the body for a calming hug effect.

Weighted Cat

Weighted Cat

Improve focus, promote calm and avoid meltdowns with our friendly Weighted Cat; providing relaxing proprioceptive and tactile stimulation.

Weighted Lap Pad – Large Massage & Vibration Size L66 x W51cm    2kg

Weighted Lap Pad – Large

Calming, soothing and situating, Weighted Lap Pads provide a deep calming pressure perfect for reducing anxiety and the risk of a sensory overload.