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It’s important that you keep your multisensory space in clean working order, to enjoy its spectacular sensory benefits for many years to come. Find all you’ll need to look after your multisensory area in our Cleaning Product collection, so that you can stay safe and have fun!

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As leaders in the sensory field, Rhino UK understand the importance of ensuring Multi-sensory Rooms are in good working order at all times. That's why they provide a range of maintenance packages, tailored to meet the individual needs of every customer. Rhino UK also provide a range of cleaning and maintenance products for all your multi-sensory equipment.

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Bubble Column Additive Multi-Sensory Equipment

Bubble Column Additive

A Bubble Column Additive to add to bubble tube water help protect and prevent infection risk.

Bubble Tube Drainage Pump Accessories

Bubble Tube Drainage Pump

Our bubble tube drainage pump kit allows you to easily drain the water from any of the Rhino Bubble tubes easily and efficiently.

Bubble Tube Cleaning Brush Multi-Sensory Equipment

Bubble Tube Cleaning Brush

A soft brush with an extendable handle. Great to ensure your Bubble Column is completely clean all the way down to the very bottom!

De-ionised Water 25lt Multi-Sensory Equipment

De-ionised Water 25lt

Treated water suitable for bubble columns. Extends the need to change the water to every 3 months.


Large Sanitizing Wipe

Pack of extra large cleaning wipes.

Waterbed Care Kit Cleaning Products

Waterbed Care Kit

A Care kit containing long life Akva guard and Vinyl Wash.


Waterbed Long Life Conditioner

Conditioner required to keep your waterbed in tip top condition.