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Safe Quiet Room

Filled with cosy therapy seating, blissfully bubbling bubble walls and soft mood lighting, Sensory Calming Rooms give users the opportunity to safely balance out their senses, relax, and calm down in a closed safe environment.

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Safe Quiet Rooms are therapeutic spaces specially designed for people with autism, mental disabilities and learning difficulties to find calm and quiet. It’s a place to safely release anxiety, stress and energy, before falling back into the room's comforting elements as their emotions level out.

Quiet rooms also provide a meditative space for individuality, where users can manage their behaviour. Learning how to control their senses - in their own time and in their own way - helps users build their self-confidence, and over time, feel more in control of their bodies and emotions. Gradually users might also develop the maturity to request time in the room when they feel their stress levels rising, reducing the opportunity for a crisis.

With softly stimulating mood lighting, blissfully bubbling bubble walls, cosy seating and soft cushioned wall padding – users can interact with the room in a way that works for them safely, whether they’re letting off steam or laying back in a beanbag, watching the twinkling lights above them.

Calming Rooms can be used in specialist environments such as Mental Health Homes and Wards and more general environments like Schools to support social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties.

As always, if you’d like any help creating, designing or furnishing your very own Calming Room, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sensory design team! They’ll be able to offer you all the help and advice you’ll need to get started on your calming sensory journey.

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Acrylic Mirror

A plane acrylic mirror with wooden back for increased visual impact behind a bubble column.


Active Bubble Column 120cm

Our 120cm Active Bubble Columns are beacons of imagination and relaxation. Providing enriching visual, tactile and auditory stimulation.


Active Bubble Column 175cm

Bubble Columns are beacons of imagination and relaxation. Providing enriching visual, tactile and auditory stimulation.


Active Bubble Column 200cm

A bright 200cm tall bubble tube that automatically scrolls through the colour spectrum. Great for distraction and visual stimulation.


Active Hurricane Column 120cm

Our 120cm Active Hurricane Column is great for relaxation and creating calming spaces. Its lights cycle brightly through a rainbow of colours, offering a brilliant visual sensory effect.


Active Hurricane Column 175cm

With fan-driven beads instead of water, our Active Hurricane Column provides spectacular visual stimulation as it bubbles and scrolls through the colour spectrum.


Active Hurricane Column 200cm

Our 200cm Active Hurricane Column has fan driven beads instead of water, providing spectacular visual stimulation as it automatically scrolls through the colour spectrum.

Ball Effect Insert

Ball Effects Insert

Our Ball Effects Insert Kit is a great add-on for your Bubble Tube, adding a splash of stimulating colours and distracting dancing beads.

Bespoke Bench Seating Seating & Positioning

Bespoke Bench Seating

Rhino UK can manufacture bespoke soft bench seating for your sensory area for a perfect fit.



Shaped like a great big smile, the Bodyrocker is a therapeutic piece of soft play furniture that stimulates and develops proprioceptive, vestibular, and motor systems.

Bubble Column Beanbag Multi-Sensory Equipment Size L152 x W102 x D30cm

Bubble Column Beanbag

This Bubble Column Bean Bag provides a comfy surround for the Bubble Column to enable users to lie and hold the columns.

Chair Beanbag Beanbags & Large Cushions Size 80cm

Chair Beanbag

A beanbag designed as a recliner beanbag or super supportive soft bucket chair.

Colour Controller Buttons Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 25 x 15 x 8cm

Colour Controller Buttons

A wireless four-button controller that allows the user to change the colours of interactive sensory objects.

Colour Controller Cube

Colour Controller Cube

A wireless remote colour controller cube - the uppermost face controls the interactive lighting.

Deluxe Infinity Tunnel

Deluxe Infinity Tunnel

Prepare to be mesmerised and stimulated by the infinite visual effects our Deluxe Infinity Tunnel can bring.

Fibre Optic Carpet – 2m Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 200 x 100cm

Fibre Optic Carpet – 2m

A black carpet with sparkling fibre optics woven into the pile creating a stunning shimmering effect. Requires a light source.

Fibre Optic Carpet with Shapes Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 100 x 100cm

Fibre Optic Carpet with Shapes

Fibre Optic Carpet with Shapes by Rhino UK.

Fibre Optic Ceiling Display Ring Multi-Sensory Equipment Size Diameter: 122.3cm

Fibre Optic Ceiling Display Ring

Our Ceiling Rings allow you to install a star effect ceiling even when there is no access above the ceiling.