Aromas Set Two

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Set of six, 10ml Bottled Aromas that can be used with Aroma Diffusers for aromatherapy or relaxation and sensory stimulation.


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We’ve put together six of our most popular Essential Aroma Oils to create the ultimate aromatherapy set. These oils are especially suited for Aromatherapy sessions, but can also be used to create a relaxing atmosphere around the house or in a sensory room.

Set Two Scents Include: Clove (or Lilac), Grapefruit (or Strawberry), Rosemary (or Lemongrass), Sandalwood (or Lemon), Jasmine & Juniperberry (or Caribbean).

Scents may very depending on batch. The set includes 6 x 10ml bottles.

Product Code: P1379

Sizes: Each Bottle 10ml

Pack Quantity: 6


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