Designing & Installing Sensory Rooms For Over 10 Years

At Rhino it’s our mission to design and install magnificent multi-sensory environments wherever we go. Whether that’s in a brand-new school, a busy ward in a children’s hospital or at a world class football stadium. Our sensory team work hard to provide sensory solutions that suit every need and budget.

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Rhino Services

Rhino UK manufacture tailor-made Multi-Sensory and Therapist Play products including bespoke designs and themes for any room or environment. We can provide a complete service through from planning and design to the finished Multi-Sensory Rooms with full product training backed up by quality service and contract maintenance packages. We focus on our clients’ individual needs and are confident we can design, manufacture and supply the full range of products together with the expected quality of service.

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Sensory Equipment

Find everything you’ll need to stimulate, develop, and explore each of your five senses in our Sensory Equipment collection. Fashion your fine motor skills, traverse thrilling tactile tracks, distract and calm with a vivid visual display, and keep an ear out for special sensory symphonies.

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Rhino Sensory

Popular products

Bubble Tubes

A trio of bright and bubbling Bubble Tubes provide a captivating and calming sensory light show.

Interactive Floor

Play games, solve puzzles, and discover an interactive world at your feet with our inclusive Interactive Floor Projector.

Interactive Panels

Distract, interact and play with our colourful collection of Deluxe Wall Panels that decorate the walls of the trailer.

Fibre Optics

Twinkling, calming and distracting, Fibre Optics are perfect for personal and therapeutic sensory sessions.

Naturally connecting senses

Sensory rooms are perfect for bringing your senses to life. Lighting and audio effects create stimulatingly accessible rooms, that turn into immersive sensory environments at the press of a button. Dive underwater and swim with dolphins or suspend your imagination as your shoot into stars – create a sensory adventure perfect for you.

Sensory exploration is a natural part of human life. From listening to the wind whistle through the trees on a daily walk, to how sun warms your skin on a summer’s day. Sensory Rooms help those who may not be able to experience organic outdoor stimulation. By recreating sensory environments inside, people can explore their senses naturally, in a safe an accessible space, at their own pace.

As children are coming out of sedation, the sensory trolley helps to stimulate them and lets them re-adjust. Some children can get quite upset about going to theatre, but the trolley means they wake up to a nice experience.

Caroline JenkinsSenior Play Specialist, St Mary's Hospital

We used the new equipment last night with a toddler, he was really restless in his buggy but as soon as we laid him on the table he lay there perfectly still watching the bubbles. His mum said it was the most content she’d seen him in days. The only downside was that he didn’t want to leave.

Claire ShoesmithSenior Radiographer, Southend Hospital

We chose the Sensory Voyager for how it supports patients who find hospital appointments stressful. The colourful sensory lights and calming tactile features reduce the anxiety patients feel when they’re waiting for their appointments.

Karen PriceLearning Disability Liaison Team, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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