How do I clean my Sensory Bubble Column?

Here is a quick guide on how to clean your bubble tube properly. Remember you should change the water and clean it every six weeks.

1. Unplug all switches and controllers.

2. Empty the bubble tube (this requires two people). To do this, remove the top plug and slide the bubble column forwards. Using a sieve to catch the balls or fish, allow all the water to drain away.

Please note: when tilting the column, gravity and weight will force the column downwards quickly.

3. Clean the column’s interior with warm, soapy water and wipe it out with a soft cloth attached to a plastic brush handle. Do not use cleaning tools that will scratch the tube with any hard or metallic objects.

4. Thoroughly rinse out the tube to make sure you removed all soap residue and dry.

5. Once thoroughly dried, carefully place the bubble column back into place.

6. Clean the exterior of the tube with antibacterial spray and a soft cloth.

7. Reconnect electrical supplies.

9. Switch the Bubble Column on to allow the pump to run.

10. Using a watering can (or a similar carton), refill the column and add the Bubble Column Additive.

11. Replace the balls or fish into the bubble column if you have them.

12. Put the podium lid back on.

13. Securely replace the security bracket into position.