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Project Background

Miriam Lord is a mainstream primary school in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The school has a diverse intake of students, which the senior leadership team are keen to support in every way they can.

Over the past few years, Miriam Lord has seen an increase in the number of students with additional needs joining their school community. Frustratingly, they felt like they couldn’t sufficiently meet their learning needs.

This prompted the school to contact our sensory team, with the idea of building an all-inclusive multisensory room where students with additional needs could go to de-escalate and regulate their emotions and senses.

So, our sensory team quickly got to work.


A Sensory Transformation

Using a variety of interactive sensory resources, we transformed an old storage space into a brand-new, inclusive sensory room. As soon as you step into the space your senses are immersed in calming light, sound and textures – perfect for de-escalating and relaxing.

Girl leans back against the ball pool, stood next to a sensory rocker chair. Students touch and explore the bubble tube

Calming Seating

Students can find comfort and self-regulate using the different seating options in the space. The rocker seat offers situating, proprioceptive, and vestibular sensory inputs, effective at calming sensory systems. Whilst a cushioned podium offers a front-row seat for the Bubble Tube‘s beautifully bubbly show.


A teacher and two students sit and interactive with the Rhino WonderfloorA girl holds and separates the fibre optic tails, exploring their twinkle glow effect

Immersive Play

By diving deep into the calming colours of the illuminated ball pool, students can explore the tactile textures of the plastic balls that surround and situate them. Fibre optic tails fall into the pool from an overhead bracket, showering the area in twinkling lights, creating a unique sensory waterfall effect.

A Rhino Wonderfloor projector also creates a space for interactive games and learning, both for individuals and groups of students.


A teacher and a pupil interact with the sound and light panelA girl examines the endless light effects inside the infinity tunnel

Interactive Panels

Did you know sensory rooms also make for highly effective learning environments? That’s why we included some of our most engaging interactive panels on the walls of this sensory room. The infinity tunnel captivates imaginations and enhances visual skills, while the sound & light panel encourages users to use their voice to explore light, sound and cause and effect.

And what’s a sensory room without a classic bubble column to bring the space together?


A Sensory Success Story

Although Miriam Lord had only recently opened their new sensory space, they’ve already seen its transformative effects on their school community.

There’s a young student at our school with a very, very high level of need. She came into school one morning severely dysregulated. We brought her into the sensory room, and within 10 seconds, without exaggeration, she calmed instantly.

I turned to my colleague and just said, that was worth the money alone, wasn’t it? That moment gives you an idea of what a sensory room can offer in the right situation – Bryan Harrison, Executive Headteacher, Miriam Lord Primary School.

Miriam Lord Community Primary School is a mainstream primary school in Bradford for children aged 3-11.


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