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Tunnels & Rockers

Create places for imagination and adventure with our exciting Rockers & Tunnels collection. Crawl into a colourful cushioned tunnel and enjoy the comfort of a secret sensory space, or playfully develop your balance skills with our bright rockers.

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Sensory Soft Play areas are fantastic places to let off steam and enhance key development skills (motor, balance & social).

Our team of sensory specialists can design and install a bespoke soft play room. Or you can choose individual products from our Tunnels and Rockers collection to decorate your own soft play room.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sensory design team if you'd like any help or product advice.

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Frog Rocker

Frog Rocker

Our bright and friendly frog is great for ribbity-rocking and strengthening balance.

Giant Crab Rocker

Giant Crab Rocker

Our Giant Crab Rocker creates hours of playful fun for children. Challenging and developing their gross, fine motor and balance skills.

Giant Rocker

Giant Rocker

The Giant Rocker is a versatile soft play resource. Lie back, rock and relax, flip it upside down and crawl underneath, or climb over it and actively explore your motor skills.

Soft Play Giant Tunnel

Giant Tunnel

Climb through, crawl over or jump off our colourful Giant Tunnel and build your motor, vestibular and proprioceptive skills!

Soft Play Horse Rocker

Horse Rocker

Designed for stimming, rocking and gentle exercise, our colourful Horse Rocker is a fun developmental resource.

Pitched Roof Soft Play Den Soft Play Size 120 x 120 x 180cm

Pitched Roof Soft Play Den

This Den is designed to be used as a den only, and to prevent climbers from
using it as a jumping platform! Great for a corner hidey hole in rooms with
low ceiling heights. Can be made with one, two or three doors.
Size: 120 x 120 x 180cm

Platform with Tunnel in Soft Play Room

Platform with Tunnel

Soft, safe platform to climb and explore below or above. Combine with steps and slide for extended soft play.

Rocker Roller Soft Play Size 120 x 50cm

Rocker Roller

The rocker roller disc is an octagonal shaped softplay dome, which can be used as a rocker or turned upside for climbing challenges.

Soft Play Rocking Steps

Rocking Steps

The rocker’s unique design keeps users in motion, challenging vestibular, motor and balance systems.

Soft Play Hideaway Den

Soft Play Hideaway Den

This softplay den is a great place for children to play and hide in.

Soft Play Roller Tunnel Soft Play Size L145 x W75cm  Inside Tunnel Diameter 56cm

Soft Play Roller Tunnel

A soft play tunnel and mat set great for crawling through, rolling or climbing on.