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Ball Pools

Submerse yourself within a terrifically tactile sensory experience, with our brilliant Ball Pool collection.  Remember that not all Ball Pools need to be used for energetic fun, they’re also perfect spaces for calming sensory relaxation!

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Jump, swim or hide within the colourful balls, stimulating your proprioceptive senses and discovering the interesting ways your body can move.

Our range includes vibrant illuminated Ball Pools, which provide full-body tactile input and create a fantastic visual display. The tactile sensation from moving in the balls is powerful for proprioceptive stimulation and tactile feedback for those with sensory processing disorders.

Our Sensory Ball Pool Collection includes:

  • Portable Ball Pools
  • Illuminated Ball Pools
  • Custom Made Ball Pools
  • Ball Pool Balls

Did you know that the largest ball pool ever created held a gigantic 2,080,000 balls!

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Ball Pool Balls Ball Pools

Ball Pool Balls

Pack of 500 durable wipe clean 75mm balls.

Ball Pool Balls - Pastel Mix

Ball Pool Balls – Pastel Mix

Blend of soft pastel colours for aesthetic and relaxing ball pool sessions.


Ball Pool Step

A one piece slide and steps set to go over a Ball Pool wall
for easier access in and out of it.

Bespoke Ball Pool Ball Pools

Bespoke Ball Pool

Our bespoke ball pools are handcrafted by our sensory team. Choose the colours, the shape, the size, the balls and whether you'd like your pool to include special colour changing effects.

Illuminated Corner Curve Ball Pool

Corner Ball Pool

Our pools come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes; Made from high-density foam and covered in soft and colourful PVC, they're built for safe sensory play.

Illuminated Ball Pool - Rectangle

Illuminated Ball Pool – Rectangle

Jump into an immersive sensory experience with our Illuminated Ball Pools. Interactive light bars run along the pool’s soft panels, illuminating the space in calming sensory light.

Illuminated Corner Curve Ball Pool

Illuminated Corner Curve Ball Pool

Our Illuminated Corner Curve Ball Pool is perfect for adding a splash of ball-tastic play to the corner of your sensory room!

Portable Ball Pool Ball Pools Size 1.35m

Portable Ball Pool

Our portable ball pool is great for people on the go or for those with limited space, as it can be packed up and assembled in five minutes!

Square Ball Pool

Square Ball Pool

Ball Pools encourage motor, proprioceptive and tactile development, helping users to become more familiar and comfortable with their bodies and the way they move.