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Soft Play Room

Build important gross motor skills as you tumble, roll, climb, bounce and balance your way through an exciting jungle of sensory stimulation. Soft Play environments are multi-sensory playgrounds that provide a safe environment for kids to let off steam and have fun.

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From activity centres to hospitals, leisure centres, and schools – Soft Play Rooms are perfect outlets for kids to safely release their energy and have a lot of fun.

With slides that are perfect for sliding down, swings that are superb for swinging in, steps that are great for walking (or crawling) up, ball pools to immerse yourself within and challenging obstacles to jump, roll or climb over; Soft Play Rooms are exciting environments for kids to learn more about their bodies and how they move.

What’s best is they’ll also develop their fine motor skills and self-confidence while they play. In addition, the room’s soft padded obstacles, walls and floor allow users to explore their physical abilities safely, as falls and tumbles are cushioned with comforting padding.

All our Soft Play products are manufactured using strong, durable, smooth to touch, non-toxic, and latex-free vinyl, which is also double stitched for full strength, safety and durability.

If you’d like help creating your own soft play space, then make sure you get in touch with our Sensory Design Team. They’ll be able to create a unique and free design based on your budget and needs!

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Soft Play Balance Set 1

Designed to strengthen the development of motor, tactile and vestibular balance skills in a safe, fun and adventurous manner.

Soft Play Balancing Bar

Balancing Bar

A bright and soft balance bar that’s great for encouraging focus, coordination and balance skills.

Ball Pool Balls Ball Pools

Ball Pool Balls

Pack of 500 durable wipe clean 75mm balls.

Ball Pool Balls - Pastel Mix

Ball Pool Balls – Pastel Mix

Blend of soft pastel colours for aesthetic and relaxing ball pool sessions.

Bench Seat with Shoe Storage

Bench Seat with Shoe Storage

Our handy cloakroom bench is the perfect spot for users to sit and store their shoes before play.

Bespoke Ball Pool Ball Pools

Bespoke Ball Pool

Our bespoke ball pools are handcrafted by our sensory team. Choose the colours, the shape, the size, the balls and whether you'd like your pool to include special colour changing effects.

Bespoke Bench Seating

Bespoke Bench Seating

Our in-house upholstery team manufacture bespoke bench seating for sensory rooms and wherever you may need a soft spot to sit, reflect and relax.

Body Roller

Body Roller

Our body roller provides deep pressure therapy as the child crawls between the rollers.



Shaped like a great big smile, the Bodyrocker is a therapeutic piece of soft play furniture that stimulates and develops proprioceptive, vestibular, and motor systems.

Catterpillar Mirror Bumps Activity Trails Size W40 x L160 (open) x H20-30cm

Caterpillar Mirror Bumps

Take a ride on a caterpillar friend, or look into his mirror sides, fold his 6 soft bumps to make a butterfly.



Made from two adjustable, polystyrene-filled sides, the Cocoon offers stimulating proprioceptive pressure that’s designed to calm children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders.

Coloured Dice Construction Size 25 x 25 x 25

Coloured Dice

Brightly coloured giant tactile dice. Great for encouraging play, movement, counting skills and overall stimulation.

Illuminated Corner Curve Ball Pool

Corner Ball Pool

Our pools come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes; Made from high-density foam and covered in soft and colourful PVC, they're built for safe sensory play.

Folding Gym Mat Floor & Wall Padding Size 150 x 58 x 5cm

Folding Gym Mat

A soft gym mat that folds away for easy storage. Comes with integral carry handles.

Frog Rocker

Frog Rocker

Our bright and friendly frog is great for ribbity-rocking and strengthening balance.

Radiator Pad

Front Radiator Pad Cover

Our semi-rigid Radiator Pads prevent bumps and burns without affecting the radiator’s efficiency.

Giant Crab Rocker

Giant Crab Rocker

Our Giant Crab Rocker creates hours of playful fun for children. Challenging and developing their gross, fine motor and balance skills.

Giant Rocker

Giant Rocker

The Giant Rocker is a versatile soft play resource. Lie back, rock and relax, flip it upside down and crawl underneath, or climb over it and actively explore your motor skills.