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Multi-Sensory Room

Multi-Sensory Rooms are fantastic interactive centres of sensory sounds, lights, and activities designed to stimulate and comfort users with Autism and other special developmental needs.

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A Multi-Sensory Room is a dedicated space for therapeutic development and sensory play. Filled with a collection of light, sound, and tactile effects, Multi-Sensory Rooms are environments where users, young and old, can explore their senses and emotions safely.

Away from outside distractions, these immersive environments offer the opportunity for inclusive lessons, one-on-one therapy sessions and the time and space to develop key skills such as fine and gross motor and hand-eye coordination.

Benefits of Multi-Sensory Rooms:

  • Stimulate and soothe all five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.
  • Build key developmental skills such as cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.
  • Create safe, calming environments that reduce the likelihood of a meltdown or panic attack.
  • Provide relaxation for all ages. You don’t have to be young to benefit from the stimulating visual and tactile benefits.
  • They’re versatile spaces for play, learning and therapy.

Fun Fact: Multi-Sensory Room’s are traditionally called Snoezelen Rooms, a blend of the dutch words ‘to snuggle’ and ‘to snooze’.

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Mirror Ball 20cm Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 20cm

Mirror Ball 20cm

A mirror ball for a fascinating light show when used with a colour pinspot and mirror ball rotator.

Mirror Ball 30cm Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 30cm

Mirror Ball 30cm

A mirror ball for a fascinating light show when used with a colour pinspot and mirror ball rotator.

Mirror Ball 40cm

Mirror Ball 40cm

Our professional sensory Mirror Ball makes an awesome disco-like visual effect in sensory rooms.

Mirror Ceiling Tile

Mirror Ceiling Tile

Decorate ceilings and walls with our highly reflective and visually stimulating mirror tiles.

Modular Furniture – Corner Chair Seating & Positioning Size 56 x 46 x 46cm

Modular Furniture – Corner Chair

This corner chair is part of our extremely versatile modular range of furniture to enhance any room for children or adults.

MSE Genie App Control

MSE Genie App Control

Centrally control your sensory room from the MSE App. It's free and has a user-friendly interface with bright colours and large buttons to make play inclusive and accessible.

MSE Apple TV Bundle

MSE Genie TV Control

The bundle includes a projector, Apple TV, and the MSE TV App – the only extra you’ll need is an iPad, from which you’ll be able to control the room’s lights, sounds and elements.

Multisensory Tub Portable Sensory Solutions Size 71 x 44 x 31cm

Multisensory Tub

Our Multisensory Tub was created to provide a mixed sensory selection to support a range of themes. Includes 30 products.

Musical Squares Activity Trails Size Floor Pad: 140 x 90 x 8cm Wall Panel: 112 x 57 x 8cm

Musical Squares

These musical squares is a interactive wall and floor panel which rewards the users with lights and sounds.

Musical Touch Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H77.5 x W67 x D9cm

Musical Touch Wall

This Sensory Musical Touchwall is a fabulous fun tool, perfect to be put into a multi-sensory room


Musical Waterbed Double

Our musical waterbed generates soothing vibrations across the mattress, creating an immersive, relaxing and calming multisensory experience.


Musical Waterbed Single

Our musical waterbed generates soothing vibrations across the mattress, creating an immersive, relaxing and calming multisensory experience.

Odd Balls Set Developmental Size Dia 15-25cm

Odd Balls Set

Covered in interesting textures, our Odd Balls Set helps users playfully develop their tactile, fine and gross motor skills.

Omi Beam Mobile Multi-Sensory Equipment Size Unit Size:

Omi Beam Mobile

A portable, plug and play interactive light and sound system of coloured beams of light that produce sounds and images
when interrupted.

Omi Reflex+ Mobile Multi-Sensory Equipment Size Unit Size: W52 x D52 x H91cm

Omi Reflex+ Mobile

A portable interactive wall projection system that projects dynamic images which respond to users movements in space and displays a live image of the player.

OmiVista Mobii Interactive Floor & Table Multi-Sensory Equipment

OmiVista Mobii Interactive Floor & Table

With the simplest flip of a switch, the Omi Vista Mobii uses light, colour and touch to re-imagine tables and surfaces as fully interactive images. A wave of an arm or touch of a hand transforms the on-table picture into something different, letting people explore, interact and immerse themselves in the images.

Panoramic Rotator

Panoramic Rotator

The Panoramic Rotator is a motorised two-facet prism that easily attaches to the front of your solar projector, creating an endless stimulating visual effect.

Pea Pod Massage & Vibration Size 160cm

Pea Pod

A deep-pressure inflatable Pea Pod. Relaxing inside this pod creates a secure, calming environment for users.