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Multi-Sensory Room

Multi-Sensory Rooms are fantastic interactive centres of sensory sounds, lights, and activities designed to stimulate and comfort users with Autism and other special developmental needs.

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A Multi-Sensory Room is a dedicated space for therapeutic development and sensory play. Filled with a collection of light, sound, and tactile effects, Multi-Sensory Rooms are environments where users, young and old, can explore their senses and emotions safely.

Away from outside distractions, these immersive environments offer the opportunity for inclusive lessons, one-on-one therapy sessions and the time and space to develop key skills such as fine and gross motor and hand-eye coordination.

Benefits of Multi-Sensory Rooms:

  • Stimulate and soothe all five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.
  • Build key developmental skills such as cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.
  • Create safe, calming environments that reduce the likelihood of a meltdown or panic attack.
  • Provide relaxation for all ages. You don’t have to be young to benefit from the stimulating visual and tactile benefits.
  • They’re versatile spaces for play, learning and therapy.

Fun Fact: Multi-Sensory Room’s are traditionally called Snoezelen Rooms, a blend of the dutch words ‘to snuggle’ and ‘to snooze’.

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Musii Developmental Size Deflated: D78cm x H40cm     Inflated: D78cm x H92cm


An interactive inflatable tool, including lights and music for great creativity and rewards.

My Little World Maze Developmental Size 42 x 36 x 4cm

My Little World Maze

The board contains coloured balls which are moved across the maze under the clear plastic cover using 'pencils'.

Odd Balls Set Developmental Size Dia 15-25cm

Odd Balls Set

A set of inflammable balls in distinctive and unusual shapes.

Omi Beam Mobile Multi-Sensory Equipment Size Unit Size:

Omi Beam Mobile

A portable, plug and play interactive light and sound system of coloured beams of light that produce sounds and images
when interrupted.

Omi Reflex+ Mobile Multi-Sensory Equipment Size Unit Size: W52 x D52 x H91cm

Omi Reflex+ Mobile

A portable interactive wall projection system that projects dynamic images which respond to users movements in space and displays a live image of the player.

OmiVista Mobii Interactive Floor & Table Multi-Sensory Equipment

OmiVista Mobii Interactive Floor & Table

With the simplest flip of a switch, the Omi Vista Mobii uses light, colour and touch to re-imagine tables and surfaces as fully interactive images. A wave of an arm or touch of a hand transforms the on-table picture into something different, letting people explore, interact and immerse themselves in the images.

Panoramic Rotator Multi-Sensory Equipment

Panoramic Rotator

The Panoramic Rotator is a motorised vertical 2 facet prism that attaches to the front focussing lens and both splits and scans repeated images.

Pea Pod Massage & Vibration Size 160cm

Pea Pod

A deep-pressure inflatable Pea Pod. Relaxing inside this pod creates a secure, calming environment for users.

Pear Beanbag Beanbags & Large Cushions Size 50 x 60cm

Pear Beanbag

A pear shaped bean bag for ultimate comfort and versatility.

Penta Beanbag Beanbags & Large Cushions Size 60 x 60cm

Penta Beanbag

A penta shaped bean bag for ultimate comfort and versatility.

Plain Square Mat Floor & Wall Padding Size Size: 1.42m x 1.42m x 25mm

Plain Square Mat

A handy floor mat with anti-slip backing made from practical wipe clean printed PVC fabric.

Playtime Bus with Phonics

Playtime Bus with Phonics

Climb aboard for a fun learning journey! The V-Tech Playtime Bus is ready for its sensory route. Learn phonic sounds, letters, vocabulary, numbers, counting and safety rules.

Podium Colour Controller Pad Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 90 x 90cm

Podium Colour Controller Pad

Podium with colour controller pad to fit 15cm diameter hurricane or bubble tubes.

Posture wedge – Large Positioning Size 25cm

Posture wedge – Large

A posture wedge to provide inclined
support and comfort to promote head, shoulder,
and arm control.

Posture Wedge – Medium Positioning Size 18cm

Posture Wedge – Medium

A posture wedge to provide inclined
support and comfort to promote head, shoulder,
and arm control.

Posture wedge – Small Positioning Size 5cm

Posture wedge – Small

A posture wedge to provide inclined
support and comfort to promote head, shoulder,
and arm control.

Printed Wall Padding Floor & Wall Padding

Printed Wall Padding

Wall Padding to create a safe environment for uses. Can be used in soft play areas, sensory rooms or padded safe rooms.

Projection Curtain Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H244 x W213cm

Projection Curtain

A white net curtain including ceiling track. Creates a great backdrop for projection.