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Sensory Voyager Bubble Trolley

SKU: R0000

A unique portable sensory solution that’s perfect if you have limited space, or if you want a limited space and resources. The Sensory Voyager transforms any room into a sensory experience.


4-6 weeks

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A uniquely portable kaleidoscope of colour, sound and touch, our Sensory Voyager is jam-packed full of wonderful sensory equipment. It’s portable, practical and a great space saving sensory aid; wheel it between classrooms and through wards, and watch as each new environment is lit up in a wonderful sensory glow.

What’s inside The Rhino Sensory Voyager?

Each Sensory Voyager is uniquely its own, built to be customised to meet your sensory needs and budget.

Our standard Bubble Column Voyager comes complete with a Water Bubble Column (or see our alternative water-less Hurricane Column version), Mirrors and a handy storage cupboard – offering you a great base to build your own personalised sensory experience.
The full equipment that is shown on board the Sensory Voyager does not come as standard; you can choose your selection so it is best suited to your own individual requirements and budget. You can even keep adding on items as funds become available or user needs change.
Add an interactive colour controller to change the colours of your Bubble Column, Fibre Optics for an added tactile experience, or light and sound systems to fully immerse your senses.

Check out the guide below for the full list of customisation options.

Choose a traditional bubble column or go water-less with a Hurricane Column. Equipment compatible with the Sensory Voyager are the Colour Controller, Ball Inserts, Fibre Optics, Mirror Ball & Pinspot, Solar Projectors, Sound System & Tactile Panels.

Why choose the Sensory Voyager?

You can adapt the voyager to suit the users’ needs

It fits perfectly through doorways and has handles to easily push it along

All equipment is safely secured in once please

Height of the voyager is suitable for all destinations

Only one 13amp plug socket is required

A lockable cupboard to store resources

A dust cover is available to keep it nice and clean

Customisable: Add different sensory elements to suit your needs. Build to your budget.

Portable: Compact and easy to push, the voyager can be wheeled between rooms and down corridors.

Safe and Secure: Keep your sensory equipment secured safely in one place. Its lockable cupboard will also keep smaller resources safe too.

A Helping Hand: Each voyager is personally delivered by a member of our team. We will set it up, and give you detailed training session so that you can use your voyager to its full sensory capacity.

Plug in and Play: Only one 13amp plug socket it required to bring the voyager to life.

Just the right height: The height of the voyager makes it great for play either on the floor, on a table, or by a bedside.

Product Code: R0000

Sizes: H154 x D69 x W51cm

Pack Quantity: 1

Require installation or maintenance?

We’re not just suppliers of sensational sensory equipment. Our talented Installation Team can help fit, install, and maintain your multi-sensory products – for sensory fun for years to come!

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