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Autism Sensory Toys

Autism affects each person differently. To support autistic people, we have gathered a variety of sensory toys for their special needs. Within our category, you'll find a wide range of toys including Visual, Tactile, Audio, Aroma & Oral Toys, Autism Sensory Toys and Sensory Fidgets. We have everything you need to keep your senses in check, from stimulating tactile materials to relaxing visual distractions.

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As a lifelong disability, people with autism have difficulty communicating and socializing with others. Each person experiences autism in a different way.

Autism affects how individuals see, hear, and feel the world around them. It is also possible that their senses are particularly sensitive to their environment, or that they are not at all sensitive to it.

Different sensory experiences can impact a person's behaviour and can profoundly influence their life. The slightest changes in an environment can help manage negative behaviours related to a lack of sensory stimulation and can establish a safe terrain for autistic individuals to feel balanced.

Studies have shown that sensory rooms with projection lighting, bubble tubes, and sounds can help a person with autism to better take in information, communicate, and organize.

Rhino UK makes sure all customers are choosing the right sensory toys to suit their special needs since everyone has different sensory requirements. Within our category, you will find a wide range of toys including Visual, Tactile, Audio, Aroma & Oral Toys, Autism Sensory Toys and Sensory Fidgets.

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Sensory ooze tube

Sensory Jumbo Ooze Tube

The Jumbo Ooze Tube, never has a jelly liquid been so fascinating and captivating.

Sensory Touch Ball Pack Autism Resources Size 10cm

Sensory Touch Ball Pack

Popular tactile koosh ball that is easy to catch, interesting to hold and soft enough to use indoors or outdoors. Colours may vary.


Set of Sand Rollers

These perspex rollers are pierced to allow patterns to be imprinted on smooth sand. Feature a wave, flower and star pattern.

Set of Sand Trays Autism Resources Size 50 x 70 x 15cm

Set of Sand Trays

Four brightly coloured plastic trays that
are ideal for individual sand play.

Shake n Shine Sensory Toys Size 15cm

Shake n Shine

The Shake n Shine glitter lamp gently switches between colours, whilst the glitter shimmers within the tube.

Sound Prism Adult Sensory Resources

Sound Prism

The set is made up of 6 pairs of beautiful hardwood triangular prisms, identifiable by colour coded musical notes or weight block logos.

Space Sticker Set Multi-Sensory Equipment

Space Sticker Set

Our effect wheel Space Sticker Set has been designed to enhance creativity, boost motor skills and encourage narrative thinking.

Spider Ball Autism Resources Size 7cm Tentacles

Spider Ball

A soft rubber tactile colourful ball for tactile stimulation or a great fidgit.

Spiral Glitter Wand Autism Resources Size L30cm

Spiral Glitter Wand

Our Spiral Glitter Wands are filled with slow-moving glitter, stars, and wonderfully distracting colours that provide therapeutic visual stimulation.

Squidgy Sparkle Fish Autism Resources Size 50-200cm

Squidgy Sparkle Fish

Squeeze them, bend them, press them, have a fin-tastic time with our multicoloured glittering squidgy tactile fish.

Squidgy Sparkle Shapes

Squidgy Sparkle Shapes

Squeeze them, bend them, press them. Children and adults alike will enjoy playing with these colourful, glittery, sparkly shapes while learning shape recognition at the same time.


Squishy Mesh Ball – Pack of 2

A fun tactile fidget filled with curious, colourful gel - squeeze it to watch the gel pop through the netting for an awesome visual surprise.

Stretchy Bangles Set Sensory Toys

Stretchy Bangles Set

These stretchy tactile bangles can be worn on your wrist, or pulled, stretched and twisted!

Stretchy Spaghetti Pack Autism Resources

Stretchy Spaghetti Pack

Extremely tactile stretchy plastic spaghetti, perfect for those who have tactile sensory needs.

Tabletop Bubble Column

Tabletop Bubble Tube

Portable, compact, sturdy and filled with bubbling fun. Our accessible Tabletop Bubble Tubes are perfect for up-close sensory stimulation in therapeutic environments.

Tabletop Hurricane Column

Tabletop Hurricane Tube

Portable, compact, sturdy and filled with colourful floating fun. Our accessible Tabletop Hurricane Tubes are perfect for up-close sensory stimulation in therapeutic environments.

Talking Photo Album Autism Resources Size A5 Album

Talking Photo Album

These talking photo albums are ideal for storytelling, reminiscence activities and communication.

Tall Jellyfish Tank

Tall Jellyfish Tank

Bring the calm of the ocean into your home with our soothing Jellyfish Tank. Focus on the jellyfish and feel your worries slip away.