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Autism Sensory Toys

Autism affects each person differently. To support autistic people, we have gathered a variety of sensory toys for their special needs. Within our category, you'll find a wide range of toys including Visual, Tactile, Audio, Aroma & Oral Toys, Autism Sensory Toys and Sensory Fidgets. We have everything you need to keep your senses in check, from stimulating tactile materials to relaxing visual distractions.

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As a lifelong disability, people with autism have difficulty communicating and socializing with others. Each person experiences autism in a different way.

Autism affects how individuals see, hear, and feel the world around them. It is also possible that their senses are particularly sensitive to their environment, or that they are not at all sensitive to it.

Different sensory experiences can impact a person's behaviour and can profoundly influence their life. The slightest changes in an environment can help manage negative behaviours related to a lack of sensory stimulation and can establish a safe terrain for autistic individuals to feel balanced.

Studies have shown that sensory rooms with projection lighting, bubble tubes, and sounds can help a person with autism to better take in information, communicate, and organize.

Rhino UK makes sure all customers are choosing the right sensory toys to suit their special needs since everyone has different sensory requirements. Within our category, you will find a wide range of toys including Visual, Tactile, Audio, Aroma & Oral Toys, Autism Sensory Toys and Sensory Fidgets.

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Large Jellyfish Tank

Large Jellyfish Tank

This Jellyfish Water Tank contains seven incredibly detailed and realistic jellyfish figures.

Large LED Mirror

Large LED Mirror

Tall, sturdy and lined with glowing LED lights, our sensory mirror makes getting dressed, brushing teeth and exploring our faces a lot of fun.

Large Sand Tray Autism Resources Size Size: 65 x 50 x 5cm

Large Sand Tray

A sand tray box with a security glass base and can be filled with sand to allow users to draw or write using hands or toes.

Laser Sphere

Laser Sphere

An intergalactic mood light that’s perfect for cosmic dreamers or any astronauts in training, offering inspiring and calming visual stimulation.

Laser Stars Projector

Laser Stars

Transform ceilings and walls into bright galaxies filled with stimulatingly relaxing glowing stars with our Laser Stars projector.

Light Up Push Popper Fidget Spinner

Light Up Push Popper Fidget Spinner

Part fidget spinner, part push pop and a whole lot of fidgety, stimulating fun!

Liquid Floor Tile – Circle Autism Resources Size 50 x 50cm

Liquid Floor Tile – Circle

Experience visual and tactile stimulation right at the soles of your feet, with these colourfully swirling thin floor tiles.

Liquid Timer Autism Resources Size 14.5cm

Liquid Timer

Tip this cylinder to watch the liquid drip, slide and drop in little globules down a series of curving ramps.

Magic LED Glove Developmental Size 21 x 10cm

Magic LED Glove

A white glove with coloured LED lights at the end of each finger. Brilliant for visual tracking and other therapy play.

Massager with Lights Autism Resources

Massager with Lights

Vibrating Body Massager with soft coloured lighting. 3 special pads for optimum pressure.

Melody Tubes

Melody Tubes

Create colourful music with our rainbow of Melody Tubes. Hit them against different surfaces to create a resounding musical effect.

Metal Mandala Set

Metal Mandala Set

A series of metal loops that have been intricately linked in a way that allows the structure to completely change shape.

MohDoh – Sleep Pack of 3 Autism Resources

MohDoh – Sleep Pack of 3

MohDoh Sleep Pack combines aromatherapy, sensory putty and colour therapy to stimulate, relax and calm senses.

Moji Labrador Pet Dog

Moji Labrador Pet Dog

Moji is a lovable lifelike Labrador that reacts to your voice and touch. He's a great alternative to a real pet, supporting emotions and encouraging communication skills.

Molecule Stress Ball – Pack of 3 Autism Resources Size 6cm

Molecule Stress Ball – Pack of 3

Squishy Stress Ball with mini balls inside for excellent tactile and audio feedback when squeezed. They come in a set of three.

Mood Blocks Autism Resources Size 7.5cm

Mood Blocks

Set of 4 colour changing mood blocks which create a lovely warm ambience of light.

Music Box

Music Box

Bright colours and super sounds make our Music Box the perfect introduction to early year’s music-making.

Nursery Rhymes Sound Puzzle

Nursery Rhymes Sound Puzzle

Can you match the puzzle pieces to their nursery rhyme? Develop hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and auditory skills with this musical puzzle game.