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Projection & Light Effects

Our Projection & Light Effect collection is perfect for theming sensory rooms, interactive storytelling, distraction, relaxation and use in reminiscence and therapy sessions. Discover your senses and illuminate your imaginations.

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Projection and Light Effects have been key elements of multi-sensory rooms for over 40 years, and they continue to take the lead in transforming sensory areas and providing immersive and interactive effects that inspire bodies, minds, and imaginations.

Dynamic images and relaxing mood lighting are known to therapeutically calm and distract users with special needs, autism and dementia.

Sensory Projectors and Light Effects are perfect for theming, storytelling, relaxing and providing visual stimulation; and all you need is a blank wall, floor, tabletop, bed or ceiling to get started! Our light and projector effects are great for sensory areas in schools, hospitals, care homes, public areas and at home in a sensory bedroom.

All of our projectors use energy-saving LED bulbs and are fitted with magnetic accessories that make it easy and simple to swap out different effect wheels. The projectors are also maintenance-free, meaning no bulb changes will be required.

If you are on a budget, why not take a look at our Aura Projector, which comes complete with a liquid effect wheel and is compatible with our wider effect wheel range.

What you’ll find in our Projector & Light Effects Collection:

  • Sensory Projectors & Projector Accessories: including effect wheels, rotators and prisms that create interesting visual effects.
  • UV lights, resources, and effects.
  • Interactive visual wall panels
  • Interactive Omi Projectors
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LED Cloud Water Projector

Create clouds of immersive visual inspiration outside or inside with our LED Cloud Water Projector.

LED Colour Changing Ring

LED Colour Changing Ring

A beacon of sensory light. Our LED Colour Changing Rings illuminate spaces with calming colour, creating the perfect ambience for your sensory needs.

LED Mood Cube

LED Mood Cube

The LED Mood Cube is an aesthetic, sensory mood light that cycles through a rainbow of colours, reflecting moods and providing relaxing visual stimulation.

LED RGB Pinspot

LED RGB Pinspot

Our 12W quad-colour pinspot features a 4-degree beam angle and multiple operating modes, perfect for shining on mirror balls in multi-sensory environments.

LED Sky Ceiling

LED Sky Ceiling

Create a beautiful daylight experience with this LED Sky Ceiling. This really is a mood changer and can encourage relaxation within healthcare or treatment procedures.

LED UV Light Panel

LED UV Light Panel

A sturdy powerful LED UV light that can be fitted to a wall or ceiling.

LED Wall Wash Multi-Sensory Equipment

LED Wall Wash

A strip of LED to wash your walls with colour! Supplied in 1m strips.

Line Lite Mirror

Line Lite Mirror

A wall mirror threaded with fluorescent Line Lite tubing that glows under a UV light.

Lumiglow Sheet Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 1m x 1m

Lumiglow Sheet

Drawing and writing can be made fun and exciting using the light absorbing sheet and a UV torch.

Falling Leaves Effect Wheel

Magnetic 6″ Effect Wheel Falling Leaves

Grab your favourite woolly jumper and pumpkin spiced latte, as we are bringing the magic of autumn indoors.

Falling Blossom Effect Wheel

Magnetic 6″ Effect Wheel Floating Blossom

Spring is here - find calm in amongst a flurry of colourful blossom.

Floating Bubbles Effect Wheel

Magnetic 6″ Effect Wheel Floating Bubbles

Project a world of pure imagination onto walls and floors with our dreamy Floating Bubble effect wheel.

Galaxy Stars Effect Wheel

Magnetic 6″ Effect Wheel Galaxy Stars

Turn your walls and floors into galaxies filled with stars, and quickly find yourself falling into a cosmos of relaxation.

Magnetic 6″ Effect Wheel Rotator. Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 6

Magnetic 6″ Effect Wheel Rotator

Have you found the perfect magnetic effect wheel for your Solar Projector? You’ll need this extra add on for it to work.

Magnetic Clear Wheel Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 6

Magnetic Clear Wheel

Clear Effect Wheels are available to create your own personal effect wheel.

Magnetic Dual Wheel Rotator Multi-Sensory Equipment

Magnetic Dual Wheel Rotator

This versatile and adaptable rotator enables standard 6 inch wheels and Maxi 9 inch wheels to be used on your Projector.

1930-40s Films Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ 1930-40s Films

From Casablanca to The Wizard of Oz, sit back and relax as a stream of classic Hollywood posters are projected onto your walls or ceilings.

Magnetic Effect Wheels 1940s-1960s

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ 1940s-1960s

Open a portal to a comforting past. Our 1940-60s Effect Wheel features a collection of familiar imagery perfect for reminiscence activities.