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Bubble Tubes

Shine bright with brilliantly bubbly sensory light. Our Bubble and Hurricane Tubes are centrepieces of visual, motor and tactile stimulation, providing colourful calm and dreamy distraction. They’re suitable for a wide range of sensory settings, and with lots of different height and bubble options, we’re sure that we’ll have the perfect Bubble Tube for you!

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Strong, bright, and filled with therapeutic sensory delight, our collection of bubble tubes are perfect for a wide range of sensory environments. All of our tubes are sturdy, carry a low voltage, easy to clean and infection control friendly, and are practical in healthcare and educational environments.

Rhino UK supply bubble columns in a range of heights, from 120cm through to 200cm!

Our bubble column range includes:

  • Active & Interactive Bubble Columns
  • Active & Interactive Waterless Hurricane Columns
  • Tabletop Hurricane & Bubble Columns
  • Budget-Friendly Columns

All of our columns have quiet pumps that create an endless flurry of distracting bubbles and bright colourful LED lights for a mesmerising visual effect.

Bubble Columns and Hurricane Tubes are normally the first thing a person notices when entering a Sensory Room, fascinated by the dynamic array of bubbles and colours and its subsequent calming effect.

For children with SPD, interacting or just watching one of these bubble columns provides a tracking activity that can help to improve visual development.

Therapeutic Benefits of a Bubble Tube or Hurricane Tube include:

  • Strengthening visual motor integration
  • Improving visual motor skills
  • Improving the ability to shift gaze quickly
  • Tracking skills
  • Distraction & Calming
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Bubble Machine Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 29 x 24 x 22cm

Bubble Machine

Simply switch on the Bubble Creator and a steady stream of bubbles will glide through the air. Fantastic play for old and young.

Bubble Machine Fluid Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 5ltr

Bubble Machine Fluid

A water based liquid formulated for use with all makes of bubble machine.

Bubble Table Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 80cm

Bubble Table

For a different perspective of bubbles.  A horizontal version of a bubble wall.  Glass covered table of bubbles.


Budget Bubble Column

Our budget columns are perfect for smaller spaces and tighter budgets whilst still making a big sensory impact!


Budget Hurricane Column

An affordable, lighter weight version of the standard Hurricane Column.

Chroma Tube Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H150cm

Chroma Tube

The Chroma Tube is a great alternative to a traditional Bubble Column. Its rainbow of never-ending dazzling light is perfect for enhancing sensory stimulation, improving visual tracking skills, and teaching cause and effect.

Bubble Tube Cleaning Brush Multi-Sensory Equipment

Bubble Tube Cleaning Brush

A soft brush with an extendable handle. Great to ensure your Bubble Column is completely clean all the way down to the very bottom!

Colour Controller Buttons Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 25 x 15 x 8cm

Colour Controller Buttons

A wireless four-button controller that allows the user to change the colours of interactive sensory objects.

Colour Controller Cube

Colour Controller Cube

A wireless remote colour controller cube - the uppermost face controls the interactive lighting.

De-ionised Water 25lt Multi-Sensory Equipment

De-ionised Water 25lt

Treated water suitable for bubble columns. Extends the need to change the water to every 3 months.

Deluxe Bubble Wall

Deluxe Bubble Wall

Our Deluxe Bubble Wall captivates attentions with its bright colours and ever-changing visuals for a calming and relaxing sensory experience.

Disco Tube Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H150cm x Dia15cm

Disco Tube

The Disco Tube uses technology that can detect sounds made by you! Clap, stomp, shout and sing to the Disco Tube and it will change to various colours.

Fish for Bubble Columns Multi-Sensory Equipment

Fish for Bubble Columns

Pack of 6 fish that bob and weave about in the bubbles.


Hurricane Tube Security Bracket

Attach the telescopic bracket to your wall and prevent movement of the top of the Hurricane Column.


Interactive Bubble Column 120cm

A bright 120cm tall interactive bubble tube compatible with our range of wireless colour controllers.


Interactive Bubble Column 175cm

A bright 175cm tall interactive bubble tube compatible with our range of wireless colour controllers.


Interactive Bubble Column 200cm

A bright 200cm tall interactive bubble tube compatible with our range of wireless colour controllers.

Interactive Bubble Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H120 x W60 x D8cm

Interactive Bubble Wall

An uplifting, bright, bubbling spectacular! Interactive Bubble Walls are the perfect alternative to a Bubble Tube in sensory spaces with limited floor space, as they sit directly on top of walls just like an interactive piece of art.