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Waiting Rooms

Distracting, comforting and calming; our Waiting Room collection is fantastic for dispelling stress, and bringing a warm sensory glow to waiting areas. Both tactile and easy to clean, they’re great for adding an interactive sensory touch to infection control environments like Hospitals and Dentists.

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Being in a hospital, doctors surgery, or a dentists waiting room can be a very stressful experience for children and even adults! Having a comforting sensory environment incorporated into a waiting room can create a relaxing and calming environment, whilst also offering distraction techniques for patients to manage difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Rhino UK also offers a wide variety of toys and activities suitable for waiting room environments. Browse through our online collection, and feel free to get in touch if we can be of any further assistance.

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Marble River Wall Panel Community Areas Size 70 x 65cm

Marble River Wall Panel

This wall element invites children to discover its amazing magical

Mountain Wall Toy Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 600 x 500 x 15mm

Mountain Wall Toy

A wall element which use eye tracking and co-ordination to trace the mountain using your hands or feet with the paddle.


Neo Lava Wall Light

Satisfying various blobs and shapes which float within the lamps. They float and collided as they ooze their way around the glass globe, creating an ambiance that will relax you.

This is a wall-mounted lava lamp, simple to put up and completely secure.

Plain Square Mat Floor & Wall Padding Size Size: 1.42m x 1.42m x 25mm

Plain Square Mat

A handy floor mat with anti-slip backing made from practical wipe clean printed PVC fabric.

Plane Sensory Panel

Plane Sensory Panel

Promote the development of coordination
and fine motor skills in young children, with
this bright blue activity plane.


Poly-M Mega Construction Plate

A construction plate for wall play and construction.

Quart Corner Bead Table Community Areas Size 60 x 60 x 43cm

Quart Corner Bead Table

This round bead table allows more than one participant to play with the beads.

Road & Train Track Community Areas Size H43 x W110 x D100cm

Road & Train Track

A fabulous 3-dimensional 'Canyon' play table. Complete with a moulded-in track which saves on constant re-assembly.

Round Bead Table Community Areas Size 83 x 67cm

Round Bead Table

This round bead table allows more than one participant to play
with the beads.

Shapes Wall Toy Community Areas Size 40 x 40 x 1.8cm

Shapes Wall Toy

A wall toy for shape matching by placing wooden shapes in correct holes.

Solar 100 LED Projector Multi-Sensory Equipment Size L21.5 (without lens) x W12.5 x D8.1cm (22.5mm with hanging bracket).

Solar 100 LED Projector

The Solar 100 LED Projector is the smallest, quietest, safest and most economical 'bright light' effects projector.

Wall Puzzle – Jungle Lion Community Areas Size 40 x 51.6 x 3cm

Wall Puzzle – Jungle Lion

What kind of animal is swimming on the water? Move the puzzle pieces on the rails in the right order to find it out.

Wall Toy Crabfish Community Areas Size 40 x 40 x 1.8cm

Wall Toy Crabfish

A wall panel which has all parts concealed. Move the wheel on the right hand side to rotate the crab to to the left or right.