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White Room

White Rooms are bright blank canvases for multi-sensory exploration. Fill your space with stimulating colours, lights and sounds, for therapeutic calming and relaxation.

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Also known as Light Sensory Rooms, White Rooms are bright multi-sensory spaces for users to explore their senses and centre their emotions.

With white walls and floors, White Rooms are blank canvases for sensory exploration. Using specialist interactive lighting, sounds and music, users can project their dreams and imaginations all around the room in bright sensory colour.

Typically, White Rooms are fitted with bubbling Bubble Tubes, twinkling Fibre Optics, Illuminated Ball Pools and transformative light projectors to create an immersive therapeutic multi-sensory environment for people of all ages and abilities to explore and enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for new items to decorate your White Room or want some help creating your own White Room from scratch, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as our Sensory Team will certainly be able to help you out.

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Fibre Optic Waterfall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 60 x 60 x 200cm

Fibre Optic Waterfall

Our Fibre Optic Waterfall can be hung from the ceiling for an immersive visual and tactile sensory session.

Fish for Bubble Columns Multi-Sensory Equipment

Fish for Bubble Columns

Pack of 6 fish that bob and weave about in the bubbles.

Geometric Shape Mirrors Sensory Toys Size Each approx: 33 x 33cm

Geometric Shape Mirrors

Set of 5 different mirrored shapes. Suitable for use on the floor or wall hanging.

Giant Cushion Beanbags & Large Cushions Size 71 x 71 x 15cm

Giant Cushion

This giant cushion is a perfect accessory for any room to add that extra comfort to a chair or the floor.

Giant Single Dome Sensory Toys Size 78cm

Giant Single Dome

Large strong and scratch resistant convex mirror, ideal for the inquisative.

Gravity Wonder Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 100 x 90 x 18cm

Gravity Wonder Wall

Tactile Wall with moving objects, tactile and visual activities to occupy fidgeting fingers.

Handheld Infinity Tunnel – Small Sensory Toys Size 6cm

Handheld Infinity Tunnel – Small

This handheld infinity tunnel gives the illusion of a tunnel light.

Illuminated Corner Curve Ball Pool

Illuminated Corner Curve Ball Pool

Our Illuminated Corner Curve Ball Pool is perfect for adding a splash of ball-tastic play to the corner of your sensory room!

Infinity Tunnel Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 72 x 61cm

Infinity Tunnel

A sound-sensitive Wall Panel that displays an optical illusion light show giving the impression of infinite depth.


Interactive Bubble Column 175cm

A bright 175cm tall interactive bubble tube compatible with our range of wireless colour controllers.

Interactive Bubble Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H120 x W60 x D8cm

Interactive Bubble Wall

An uplifting, bright, bubbling spectacular! Interactive Bubble Walls are the perfect alternative to a Bubble Tube in sensory spaces with limited floor space, as they sit directly on top of walls just like an interactive piece of art.


Interactive Hurricane Column 175cm

This Interactive 175cm tall Hurricane column has fan driven beads instead of water for a visual effect. Compatible with all colour controllers.

Jumbo Fibre Optic Side Glow – 15 Tails 2m Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 15 Tails 2m

Jumbo Fibre Optic Side Glow – 15 Tails 2m

The Jumbo Fibre Optic Sideglow has thicker strands make them easier to grip and easier to keep clean!

Kaleidoscope Lens Multi-Sensory Equipment

Kaleidoscope Lens

The Kaleidoscope Lens replaces the usual focussing lens and multiplies a 60 degree segment of an effect into a six-sided image.

Kinetic Wonder Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 100 x 90cm

Kinetic Wonder Wall

The Kinetic Wall has moving
parts, discs to spin, bells to
ring and a completely new
type of puzzle.

Ladder Light Masks Multi-Sensory Equipment

Ladder Light Masks

Pack of 3 fascias to spice up your ladder lights creating a
great effect of designs see image.

Ladder Lights Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 1070 x 410 x 120mm

Ladder Lights

The Ladder Lights is sound sensitive wall panel where the rungs light up according to the volume of the sound in various directions.

Large 16 Domed Surface Sensory Toys Size 49cm

Large 16 Domed Surface

Large strong and scratch resistant multiple mini convex mirror, ideal for the inquisative.