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Public Spaces

Find all you’ll need to build an inclusive and accessible sensory hub in your community, with active, interactive, tactile, sound and visual resources perfect for calm collaboration and fun.

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Public spaces can quickly become overwhelming for people with sensory processing issues and autism. Loud noises and crowded areas overwhelm senses and trigger anxiety responses which can cause outbursts and sensory meltdowns.

Making public spaces inclusive and accessible for neurodivergent minds is a great way to avoid meltdowns and create happier, safer environments for everyone to explore and enjoy.

What you’ll find in our Public Spaces sensory collection:

  • Tactile Wall Panels
  • Interactive Bubble Walls
  • Soft Furniture & Beanbags
  • Mood Lighting

If you’d like any help creating or furnishing a public sensory space, get in touch with a member of our sensory team. They’ll be more than happy to share their expert knowledge, product recommendations and help you turn your sensory dreams into a reality.

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Feel & Touch Tactile Wall Panel Set B Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 90 x 30cm

Feel & Touch Tactile Wall Panel Set B

A colourful wooden backed tactile wall panel with three elements for tactile stimulation and exploration.

Flower Maze Developmental

Flower Maze

The board contains coloured balls which are moved across the maze under the clear plastic cover using 'pencils'.

Folding Gym Mat Floor & Wall Padding Size 150 x 58 x 5cm

Folding Gym Mat

A soft gym mat that folds away for easy storage. Comes with integral carry handles.

Giant Cushion Beanbags & Large Cushions Size 71 x 71 x 15cm

Giant Cushion

This giant cushion is a perfect accessory for any room to add that extra comfort to a chair or the floor.

Giant Single Dome Sensory Toys Size 78cm

Giant Single Dome

Large strong and scratch resistant convex mirror, ideal for the inquisative.

Grass Sofa Community Areas Size L209cm, H85cm,37cm seat heightWeight: 90kg

Grass Sofa

A grass sofa for outdoor use. How cool is that?

Handy Red Autism Resources Size 36 x 16 x 14cm

Handy Red

A wooden grip handle which enables the user to hold the Handy Red and move around the beads. Great to develop hand eye coordination and motor skills.


Hourglass Sand Tray

Our height-adjustable sand tray is designed to allow wheelchair access for inclusive sand play and therapy.

Infinity Tunnel Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 72 x 61cm

Infinity Tunnel

A sound-sensitive Wall Panel that displays an optical illusion light show giving the impression of infinite depth.

Interactive Bubble Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H120 x W60 x D8cm

Interactive Bubble Wall

An uplifting, bright, bubbling spectacular! Interactive Bubble Walls are the perfect alternative to a Bubble Tube in sensory spaces with limited floor space, as they sit directly on top of walls just like an interactive piece of art.

Jumbo Magnets Adult Sensory Resources Size Rod Size: 13cm, Ball Size: 5.5cm

Jumbo Magnets

Brightly coloured, chunky building set with magnetic pieces.

Kinetic Wonder Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 100 x 90cm

Kinetic Wonder Wall

The Kinetic Wall has moving
parts, discs to spin, bells to
ring and a completely new
type of puzzle.

Labyrinth Activity Wall Panel Community Areas Size 40 x 40 x 1.8cm

Labyrinth Activity Wall Panel

A wall mounted labyrinth activity panel.

Large 16 Domed Surface Sensory Toys Size 49cm

Large 16 Domed Surface

Large strong and scratch resistant multiple mini convex mirror, ideal for the inquisative.

Large Soft Frame Mirror Sensory Toys Size 86.5 x 86.5cm

Large Soft Frame Mirror

A large plane mirror inset into a soft foam panel.


Latches Board

Build fine and gross motor skills, solve puzzles, and learn colours, numbers, animals and more.

LED Mood Cube

LED Mood Cube

The LED Mood Cube is an aesthetic, sensory mood light that cycles through a rainbow of colours, reflecting moods and providing relaxing visual stimulation.

Liquid Floor Tile – Square Sensory Toys Size 50 x 50cm

Liquid Floor Tile – Square

Flowing colours swirl and splat when you walk, jump or roll over them creating a wicked visual effect.