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Multi-Sensory Room

Multi-Sensory Rooms are fantastic interactive centres of sensory sounds, lights, and activities designed to stimulate and comfort users with Autism and other special developmental needs.

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A Multi-Sensory Room is a dedicated space for therapeutic development and sensory play. Filled with a collection of light, sound, and tactile effects, Multi-Sensory Rooms are environments where users, young and old, can explore their senses and emotions safely.

Away from outside distractions, these immersive environments offer the opportunity for inclusive lessons, one-on-one therapy sessions and the time and space to develop key skills such as fine and gross motor and hand-eye coordination.

Benefits of Multi-Sensory Rooms:

  • Stimulate and soothe all five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.
  • Build key developmental skills such as cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.
  • Create safe, calming environments that reduce the likelihood of a meltdown or panic attack.
  • Provide relaxation for all ages. You don’t have to be young to benefit from the stimulating visual and tactile benefits.
  • They’re versatile spaces for play, learning and therapy.

Fun Fact: Multi-Sensory Room’s are traditionally called Snoezelen Rooms, a blend of the dutch words ‘to snuggle’ and ‘to snooze’.

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Interactive Hurricane Column 120cm

This Interactive 120cm tall Hurricane column has fan driven beads instead of water for a visual effect. Compatible with all colour controllers.


Interactive Hurricane Column 175cm

This Interactive 175cm tall Hurricane column has fan driven beads instead of water for a visual effect. Compatible with all colour controllers.

Interactive Hurricane Column 200cm Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H200 x Dia15cm

Interactive Hurricane Column 200cm

This Interactive 200cm tall Hurricane column has fan driven beads instead of water for a visual effect. Compatible with all colour controllers.

Interactive Light Source Multi-Sensory Equipment

Interactive Light Source

An interactive twinkle light source which enables the user to control the colours when used with a colour controller.

Jolly Kidz Blue Table & Chair Set Community Areas Size Chair size: W33 x D37 x H54.5cm
Seat height: 30cm
Table size: W72 x D72 x H52cm

Jolly Kidz Blue Table & Chair Set

An outdoor furniture set for children.

Jumbo Fibre Optic Side Glow – 15 Tails 2m Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 15 Tails 2m

Jumbo Fibre Optic Side Glow – 15 Tails 2m

The Jumbo Fibre Optic Sideglow has thicker strands make them easier to grip and easier to keep clean!

Kaleidoscope Lens Multi-Sensory Equipment

Kaleidoscope Lens

The Kaleidoscope Lens replaces the usual focussing lens and multiplies a 60 degree segment of an effect into a six-sided image.

Kids Swinger Sensory Integration & Movement Size Max Load weight 60kg.

Kids Swinger

The Kids Swinger is the ultimate favourite swinging chair to dream and unwind, great for building vestibular, proprioceptive and motor skills

Kinetic Wonder Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 100 x 90cm

Kinetic Wonder Wall

The Kinetic Wall has moving
parts, discs to spin, bells to
ring and a completely new
type of puzzle.

Labyrinth Activity Wall Panel Community Areas Size 40 x 40 x 1.8cm

Labyrinth Activity Wall Panel

A wall mounted labyrinth activity panel.

Ladder Light Masks Multi-Sensory Equipment

Ladder Light Masks

Pack of 3 fascias to spice up your ladder lights creating a
great effect of designs see image.

Ladder Lights Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 1070 x 410 x 120mm

Ladder Lights

The Ladder Lights is sound sensitive wall panel where the rungs light up according to the volume of the sound in various directions.

Large 16 Domed Surface Sensory Toys Size 49cm

Large 16 Domed Surface

Large strong and scratch resistant multiple mini convex mirror, ideal for the inquisative.

Large Soft Frame Mirror Sensory Toys Size 86.5 x 86.5cm

Large Soft Frame Mirror

A large plane mirror inset into a soft foam panel.

Large Texture Balls Sensory Toys Size Dia 10cm

Large Texture Balls

These balls are great to be used in open play or within a sensory room or environment.

Laser Stars Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 28 x 24 x 21cm

Laser Stars

Transform ceilings and walls into bright galaxies filled with stimulatingly relaxing glowing stars with our Laser Stars projector.

LED Mood Cube

LED Mood Cube

The LED Mood Cube is an aesthetic, sensory mood light that cycles through a rainbow of colours, reflecting moods and providing relaxing visual stimulation.

LED Sky Ceiling Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 60 x 60cm

LED Sky Ceiling

Create a beautiful daylight experience with this LED Sky Ceiling. This really is a mood changer and can encourage relaxation within healthcare or treatment procedures.