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Hospital Treatment Room

Add a warm multi-sensory glow to your hospital environment, with distracting lights, colours and sounds that are easy to clean and transport from ward to ward. Ease anxiety and comfort patients in their time of need.

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Hospitals can be scary places. They’re cold and clinical, and you might find yourself there when you’re feeling most vulnerable. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to warm these environments in a comforting sensory glow.

Multi-sensory resources can be used to support patients through their hospital experience; twinkling fibre optics, daydream inspiring effect wheels, and distracting handheld resources, help patients feel calm and comforted in their time of need.

Sensory in Treatment Rooms can distract patients and help procedures go ahead smoothly. For example, portable sensory elements like the Sensory Voyager can be wheeled to and from bedsides to provide a tactile sensory distraction for those bed-bound. Whilst multicoloured mood lighting and soft colour changing wheels can be used as a therapeutic distraction in Delivery Rooms.

If you’d like any advice about the best sensory features for your healthcare environment, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sensory design team – they’ll be able to offer all the support you’ll need.

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Princesses Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ Princesses

Once upon a time, we created a magical effect wheel that could transport any princess to a fantastic fairy-tale world.

Superheroes Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ Superheroes

Superheroes Effect Wheel displays various images of Superheroes in an illustrated form.

Tropical Fish Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ Tropical Fish

The Tropical Fish Effects Wheel is a continuous image Effects Wheel that depicts photographic images of tropical fish swimming over a coral reef.

Massager with Lights Autism Resources

Massager with Lights

Vibrating Body Massager with soft coloured lighting. 3 special pads for optimum pressure.

Mini Interactive Projection Module

Mini Interactive Projection Module

Our Mini Interactive Projection Module can be easily installed onto your Voyager so that you can enjoy hours of immersive interactive play.

Mobile Corner Podium

Mobile Corner Podium

All the comfort, closeness and stimulation of a sensory room – without the room! Our Mobile Corner Podium is an accessible, portable and space-saving alternative to a classic hurricane column.

Molecule Stress Ball – Pack of 3 Autism Resources Size 6cm

Molecule Stress Ball – Pack of 3

Squishy Stress Ball with mini balls inside for excellent tactile and audio feedback when squeezed. They come in a set of three.

MSE Genie App Control

MSE Genie App Control

Centrally control your sensory room from the MSE App. It's free and has a user-friendly interface with bright colours and large buttons to make play inclusive and accessible.

Omi Reflex+ Mobile Multi-Sensory Equipment Size Unit Size: W52 x D52 x H91cm

Omi Reflex+ Mobile

A portable interactive wall projection system that projects dynamic images which respond to users movements in space and displays a live image of the player.

OmiVista Mobii Interactive Floor & Table Multi-Sensory Equipment

OmiVista Mobii Interactive Floor & Table

With the simplest flip of a switch, the Omi Vista Mobii uses light, colour and touch to re-imagine tables and surfaces as fully interactive images. A wave of an arm or touch of a hand transforms the on-table picture into something different, letting people explore, interact and immerse themselves in the images.

Porcupine Balls 10cm Sensory Toys Size Dia 10cm

Porcupine Balls 10cm

Set of 4 balls. These balls have a tactile and stimulating effect when they are rolled over the body.

Porcupine Balls 8cm Sensory Toys Size Dia 8cm

Porcupine Balls 8cm

Set of 4 balls. These balls have a tactile and stimulating effect when they are rolled over the body.

Protac Sensit Chair Massage & Vibration Size Up to 180cm

Protac Sensit Chair

This Protac Sensit Chair has been specially designed and developed by sensory integration experts. Pressure at trigger points from the seats weighted balls stimulates tactile, muscle and joint senses.

Protac Sensit Footstool Massage & Vibration Size Approx H40cm

Protac Sensit Footstool

The footstool is used with the chair as a leg or foot support, or as a stand-alone chair for a child for example. The balls at the top of the footstool provide sensory stimulation, making it comfortable and fun to sit on.

Protac Sensit Straight Chair Massage & Vibration Size Over 180cm, Seat Height 17

Protac Sensit Straight Chair

The numerous sensory perceptions send impulses to the central nervous system, which has a soothing effect which then leads to greater bodily awareness and improved well-being.

Rainbow in my room Autism Resources

Rainbow In My Room

Using interactive LED lighting, Rainbow In My Room projects bright rainbow arches across walls and ceilings, instantly creating colourful dreamlands.

Relaxer Seating & Positioning Size 74 x 119 x 64cm


This popular reclining shaped chair provides great posture support and distributes the body weight evenly.

Sensory Cushions – Circle Beanbags & Large Cushions Size 150 x 30cm

Sensory Cushions – Circle

A large round bean cushion which moulds to the shape of the body for ultimate comfort and support.