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Rhino UK offer an exciting range of individual therapeutic resources to accessorise your area, and provide a quality toolbox for therapists and activity co-ordinators.  All resources aim to stimulate the senses, provide reminiscence or develop motor skills...

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Learn through therapeutic play! We watch, listen, touch and interact, these experiences enhance the learning process. Throughout this section you will discover many products that work to develop, stimulate and maintain an individual’s senses and skills; creative play, fine motor movements, sensitivity, tactile, visual, audio. Rhino UK’s range of therapy resources also include age appropriate and ability appropriate resources for reminiscence activities and tools to help stimulate and maintain the senses for all ages. Our therapeutic resources and sensory toys can also be used for developmental activities including communication, social skills. These individual therapeutic resources are great to accessorise your multi sensory environments and sensory room to maximise the benefit of sensory stimulation and therapeutic work bringing the sessions to an individual and bespoke level.

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