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It is commonly known that we have five senses but in fact we have seven.  The overlooked senses are Vestibular and Proprioception. Sensory integration and balance activities assist in developing and maintaining these senses…



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Rhino UK strive to provide strong sturdy products suitable for use within healthcare, education and social care establishments or even within individual’s homes and therapy rooms. Rhino UK offers a wide range of products for sensory integration and activities to assist in the development of proprioceptive and vestibular senses. Rhino UK can supply, install and deliver swing suspension systems, free standing swing frames, swing seats, swing platforms, swing bolsters, balancing boards, rockers, stepping stones and other balancing and climbing objects and constructions. Many of these products can also be used to improve fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and body co-ordination. Sensory Integration and balance activities help the individual’s ability to process information in relation their body awareness and muscal system whilst treating dyspraxia, vestibular disorders and balancing problems.

Sensory Integration & Movement

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