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Not sure where to start your Sensory at Home journey? Then check out our full collection. Take a browse, find inspiration, and start to build your Sensory at Home space!

Rhino UK provide a wide range of therapeutic resources for children with special needs to keep them safe, calm and stimulated.

Our new Rhino Department focuses on providing all of the sensory activities, inspiration, resources and support that you might need to get through these current uncertain times. Helping you to turn a space in your home into a sensory paradise.

Emotions are high. Routines are out of the window. And we might not know where to focus our energy. It’s difficult to say the least.

But we want to let you know that the grey cloud of uncertainty will pass. Bright sunny skies are ahead. And whilst we wait for the sun to shine, we’re ready to bring you a radiant rainbow of Sensory Supplies.

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