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Rhino UK provide a variety of portable solutions that can be easily wheeled and transported about making the solutions more accessible to users. This includes our unique, portable Sensory Voyager that is seen gliding along corridors of schools, hospitals, children's centres and other establishments throughout the country providing the community with the NUMBER 1 portable multi-sensory solution.

Sensory Trolley

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  1. Baby Voyager
    (exc. VAT) £1,295.00 Incl. Tax: £1,554.00
    We are very excited to launch the Baby Voyager - a more compact version of our popular portable Sensory Voyager. The Baby Voyager is lightweight and affordable, ideal for those who want to create a sensory environment at home. It carries a Budget Hurricane Column, so no water and low maintenance is required, 100 Fibre Optic Tails and a Bluetooth compatible Radio. An Aura Projector can also sit upon the top of the Baby Voyager to create a fully immersive visual sensory effect. Just like it’s mum, you can wheel the Baby Voyager around into different rooms, fitting it easily through doorways. The Baby Voyager is delivered to your door already built and ready to be fired into action, all you need to do is plug it into a plug socket. Learn More
  2. Sensory Voyager Trolley
    (exc. VAT) £1,855.00 Incl. Tax: £2,226.00

    A unique portable sensory solution for limited space and resources. The Sensory Voyager transforms any room into a sensory experience.

    What is the Sensory Voyager Trolley

    The equipment on board the Sensory Voyager does not come as standard; so therefore you can choose your selection so it is best suited to your own individual requirements and budget. You can even keep adding on items as funds become available or user needs change.

    Read more Download our leaflet

    Why Sensory Voyager Trolley

    • You can adapt the voyager to suit the users’ needs
    • It fits perfectly through doorways and has handles to easily push it along 
    • All equipment is safely secured in once please
    • Height of the voyager is suitable for all destinations
    • Only one 13amp plug socket is required 
    • A lockable cupboard to store resources
    • A dust cover is available to keep it nice and clean
    Read more Download our leaflet
    Learn More
  3. Sensory Voyager Cover
    (exc. VAT) £120.00 Incl. Tax: £144.00
    A cover to keep your Sensory Voyager in top condition when not in use and disguises it from curious fingers. Learn More

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