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Rhino UK offer a great range of bubble tubes that can be activated by a switch. Rhino's bubble columns are sturdy and strong with a low voltage for safe use for sensory rooms and multi sensory environments. Rhino UK supply bubble columns in a range of heights. Rhino UK's bubble column range includes active bubble column, interactive bubble column, sound sensitive bubble and a waterless hurricane column. All Bubble columns have quiet bubble pumps and bright LED technology for bright colour changing bubble effects.

Bubble Columns or Hurricane Tubes are normally the first thing a person notices when arriving into a Sensory Room. Everyone is fascinated and drawn in by the wide array of colours and the calming effect.

For children with SPD, interacting or just watching one of these bubble columns provides a tracking activity that can help to improve visual development.

The main therapeutic benefits of a Bubble Tube or Hurricane Tube include:

- Strengthening visual motor integration
- Improve visual motor skills
- Improve the ability to shift gaze quickly

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