Touch & Feel Puzzle – Pets

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Our bright and colourful Touch & Feel Puzzle is perfect for little hands and encourages fine motor, tactile, visual and cognitive skills.

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Our chunky Touch & Feel Puzzle is perfect for little hands, as they explore the puzzle’s interesting textures and match the brightly coloured pets to their double. Holding and piecing the highly tactile puzzle pieces are great for developing fine motor and cognitive skills. Whilst the bright and colourful illustrations inspire imaginations and encourage play.

What’s best is that users can explore their own reflection in the mirror centred on the board, stimulating their visual senses even further.


Touch & Feel Pets Puzzle features four removable character pieces (dog, cat, rabbit and bird).



Product Code: M2114

Sizes: 10.25" x 1" x 10.25"

Pack Quantity: 1


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